Feb 122015

In order for the State of Jefferson to work, they have to have Placer County. Placer is by far the wealthiest county in the proposed state and is pivotal to it’s success.

Kirk Uhler has had a history of supporting splitting the state and was running point in the Placer County situation.

Then the NorCal Tea Party attacked Kirk Uhler, falsely claiming that he is single-handedly attempting to engineer a tax increase in Placer County.

Uhler contacted the people in NorCal Tea Party he had been working with and instead of correcting the record on the false email – in true Tea Party fashion, they doubled-down.

Worse, the NorCal Tea Party cited their sources for the false information and then refused to have the executive director of the PCTPA come to their group.

The NorCal Tea Party just shot their biggest ally for the State of Jefferson, and thus, the movement in Placer is dead.

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I believe that the next move for the NorCal Tea Party is to triple down and attempt to run candidates for supervisor in order to avoid ever having to correct the record for the lies they spread.

(It has also been 4+ years since they leveled corruption charges against the past Placer GOP leadership, which have still never been proven and of course they still believe)


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  One Response to “Did the NorCal Tea Party Just Kill the State of Jefferson Movement With Their Attack on Uhler?”

  1. the state of jefferson goes well beyond those seeking limited government, and the more Sacramento shoves more useless laws and regulations the more people are getting sick of this oppression

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