Feb 102015

SOUND THE ALARM said the NorCal Tea Party in an email. MAKE  A NOISE!

Ok, over what? Kirk Uhler wants to raise your taxes. So, we are to believe that Placer County’s most conservative supervisor wants to raise our taxes?

Why? Someone did a poll testing a 1/2 cent sales tax for I-80 / Hwy 65 Improvements. So, it must be Kirk Uhler that is behind it!

The email delivers a stirring call to action: MAKE A NOISE!

They advocate calling the board of supervisors. Problem – it is not the board of supervisors that is reviewing the issue. It is the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency. PCTPA

But, for those of you familiar with local government – why is Placer County having to fix a federal roadway and a state roadway itself? Why hasn’t Tom McClintock, Jim Nielsen, Ted Gaines or Beth Gaines been involved?

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When John Doolittle was the congressman, he got evil graft and corruption (aka Earmarks) to help fund the widening of I-80 Through Roseville and to re-do the Sierra College Overpass. He even managed to get some money toward the cost of the Lincoln Bypass and the Sunset Blvd. interchange. What a waste of taxpayer money that was.

But, why is a local government agency having to look at a damn tax increase to pay for these much-needed improvements? There is no money coming from the state or the feds at all. Maybe Jim Nielsen can help – he is far more effective than both Gaines put together. Perhaps the NorCal Tea Party could make a noise to Gaines, Gaines and Nielsen’s office to help with Hwy 65? If they helped, maybe we would not need to consider a tax increase?

Maybe the NorCal Tea Party could make a noise to Tom McClintock and ask the Congressman for help avoiding a tax increase.

Accidents are mounting on that aging intersection of 65 and I-80. The 2 lane highway is a complete  joke compared to the traffic it gets. People are being forced to use surface streets to commute.

… which brings me back to Kirk Uhler. What does he have to do with any of this? He sits (unpaid, mind you) on the PCTPA which is the body that is being forced to look at such a tax measure because there is no money coming from anywhere else.

Somehow the Make A Noise email indicates that Measure B which changed the Supervisor’s Compensation is somehow tied to the actions of the PCTPA.

The PCTPA has Nine Members on its’ board.

Take a look – in the drive-by email from the NorCal Tea Party, they single out Kirk Uhler who is one vote of 9 on the agency. There is a non-Republican Jim Holmes, and several other Republican local electeds on the board including Tea Party Favorites Brian Baker and Stan Nader. Also included are Diana Ruslin and Susan Rohan – will the NorCal Tea Party make a noise to them, too?

If the answer is no and this was simply an attack on Kirk Uhler, is this the opening salvo in a revenge mission from Team McClintock? Or, was this email written by a member of the NorCal Tea Party’s board whose burning resentment list against him is longer than I am tall?

Time will tell what the real motivation for the email was – but if it was simply to sound the alarm, they pointed their members to the wrong place. For Four years the PCTPA has been having public meetings about this issue, Celia McAdam made a presentation to a Chamber of Commerce Luncheon I went to in Rocklin a couple years back… I’d encourage the members of the NorCal Tea Party to attend. In so doing, they may be able to make our local partisan electeds understand that their inaction could lead to yet another tax increase.

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