Oct 112012

Prop 32 sounds great. Stop the labor unions from pilfering money out of people’s paychecks. It also bans corporate contributions to campaigns.

There’s a problem. Charles Munger.

While the issue is about more than Charles Munger – Munger has contributed $22 million (SO FAR) to Prop 32. Charles Munger also bought Prop 11 and 20 – which created the disaster known as the “citizens” redistricting commission. (two of the citizens were major democrat donors)

Munger “counter-sued” people that attempted to get Prop 14 overturned successfully getting a judge to “slapp” the 6 people with $240,000 in legal fees for their attempt to overturn Prop 14 in court.

Charles Munger has been on a rampage spending nearly 1.5 million on candidates so far in the 2012 general election – all of them liberal Republicans. In all but two cases, he has spent his money in safe Republican districts in Rep vs Rep runoffs. Insiders tell this blogger that Munger will spend about 8-10 million on candidates in 2012.

By my count – Charles Munger has put an estimated $2 million in to buying influence in the California GOP (the platform drill, donations to cent coms, etc), the estimated $8 million he has spent or will spend in 2012, the $14 million documented on California Rainmakers and another $22 Million + whatever more he decides to spend on Prop 32.

Add to this his sister Molly Munger who has cranked some $30 million in to Prop 38, the largest tax increase in state history and you have a disturbing trend.

That’s $76 Million from two people.

You don’t donate that kind of money out of altruism. You donate it when you want control or have a profit motive, end of story. I have been in this political game for 15 years and I have seen the pattern.

Now you understand why Charles Munger has gone all in on Prop 32. If you think it through and see his pattern of action… Charles Munger stands to see his power increase 10-fold if Labor Unions and Corporations are eliminated from the political process.

Munger has already overseen the decimation of every political party except the Democrats via prop 14 and his aggressive efforts to keep it in tact. Munger has engaged in a hunting mission against Conservative Republicans and even dropped about a Million in to some mod dems in the primary as well. With the exception of Beth Gaines, every squish Munger supported lost outright or finished second.

Years ago, California passed Term Limits to stop the boogie man, Willie Brown. That has been an unmitigated disaster. Term limits have ushered in an era of sound-byte legislators and worse, untrained idiots that are a product of name ID or a labor group.

I can’t stand most labor unions. But, Unions have a right to have their voices heard.

Idiot corporations that give money to people that vote to screw over their interests also have a right to invest stupidly.

Passing Prop 32 would effectively eliminate the free speech of labor unions and corporations – thereby enabling powerful individuals with deep pockets to buy elections with no counterweight.

As of the writing of this post, Charles Munger has pumped $250,000 in to Jim Nielsen, $175,000 in to Rick Bosetti, $68,000 in to Frank Bigelow and $232,000 in to attacking his opponent Rico Oller, $278,500 in to Peter Tateshi and about $116,000 in to Rocky Chavez. I am also aware of $70,000 in to a congressional candidate Paul Cook and $358,000 to Abel Maldonado, California’s version of Michael Castle.

All of the above are regarded as liberal Republicans with a history of opposing Prop 13 or have refused to sign the no new taxes pledge.

One man should not have the ability to control the outcomes of all kinds of elections. Vote no on Prop 32 and make sure that Charles Munger’s power grab is rejected.