Jul 022015

Stephens Chat 001Some of you saw the limited media coverage about former Assembly-member Tim Donnelly sponsoring a referendum against the SB277 forced vaccination bill.

As you can see from this facebook chat – Lauren Stephens, listed as a contact along with Tim Donnelly on the press release calls the legitimate effort to overturn SB277 a sham. She goes on to say that the legitimate effort is trying to tank the issue to cover State Senator Andy Vidak.

Andy Vidak is a Republican who represents a State Senate District that is 20 points tilted in favor of the democrats. I guess Ms. Stephens is attempting to assist the democrat party with her effort? But, then – opposition to SB277 is as strong amongst democrats as it is within Republican ranks.

Ms. Stephens apparently attempted to recall Andy Vidak and then decided that she needed to file a referendum of her own because of her obsession with Vidak.

There is a problem that Ms. Stephens did not count on – multiple people can file referenda on the same issue. She can’t block any effort.

Now, the next question is – what did she tell Tim Donnelly to get him on board?

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532995_274842275950319_508487606_n Then there is this – Stephens ran for congress in 2012 against a Republican incumbent. It appears that Stephens likes to cause chaos wherever she goes as the stories of her behavior on the Tim Donnelly for Governor campaign are legion.

Lauren Stephens will have no money. A check of campaign finance records shows that Stephens did not even register on the Open Secrets site. It has come to my attention that Stephens has made a limited number of phone calls to no avail.

If she cares about dealing with SB277 – she should get out of the way. However, if her goal is to introduce California to what Wisconsin expelled, (She hates Scott Walker, BTW) she is on her way and appears to be taking Tim Donnelly down with her.

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