Mar 102015

Many of you read with shock something that rarely happens in politics. A lie was retracted by a political group. The NorCal Tea Party publicly apologized for lying about Kirk Uhler.

Why did they do it?

I have written for years that many Tea Parties get infiltrated and used by bad operators in order to further their political agenda. Guess what? The NorCal Tea Party was used by an office-shopping termed-out Assemblymember.

If you have not figured out who that is yet, that would be none other than Beth Gaines.

I received an email written by Ginni Rapini written 2/12/2015, which I have excerpted the two middle paragraphs from:

As for the other matter of the “Transportation Tax”, Dave Titus, who is the chief of staff for Beth Gaines and Jeff Short, who is also with Beth Gaines office, were the primary sources of my information.  However, there were a number of people that have backed them up with everything I put in my email.   Whether or not they have an “agenda” against you is unknown to me.  I have never known Dave Titus to lie or fabricate information…if he did he would not be chief of staff for Beth Gaines. I also want to say Dave is a conservative that can be counted on.
For the amount of detail that Dave and Jeff provided tells me that they must have been to some Placer County Transportation meetings where all this was discussed.  They went into detail about this tax increase for transportation and the goodies that would be included.  They talked about the polling that is being conducted (for transparency, they did say that you were not doing the polling yourself but rather are commissioning the poll).  They mentioned that you intend to wave certain “goodies” in front of city council members to get them to support the tax increase.

To those of you reading this from the City of Roseville – if Jeff Short is on any of your committees, expect him to leak information in real time to feather his own political nest.

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To those of you reading this from anywhere in California – if you deal with Dave Titus, prepare to have your — blown off when you’re not looking.

Allow me to put this in perspective. For the last month while I have been attacking the NorCal Tea Party over their lie, I have known the above information. This was not unlike Karen England / Team LaMalfa using local Tea Parties to spread lies about my Brother and other conservative activists in an attempt to take over the local Central Committee. (Which, aided by $45k from a wealthy liberal GOP donor, they did in 2012)

In this case, Dave Titus and Jeff Short used the NorCal Tea Party to attack Kirk Uhler in advance of a possible Beth Gaines run for Placer County Supervisor. If you draw any other conclusion, you are a lawyer, an idiot judge or insane.  From talking to Kirk, he wanted this handled privately as he was taking the high road.

Mr. Uhler reached out to Ted and Beth on multiple occasions to sit down and address this head-on. However, the Gaines apparently prefer to let their staff do their “wet work” for them. They went out of their way to dodge a face-to-face with Kirk, even going so far as to cancel a meeting that Kirk got when he personally walked in to Ted’s capitol office. Kirk is willing to confront things like this head-on.  True to form, the Gaines’ choose to scurry when the lights come on.

Shame on you team Gaines. Leave the Tea Party alone – you almost ruined the State of Jefferson in your idiotic office-shopping spree.

When Beth Gaines runs for State Senate in 2020 – and, if I am still here, oh mama.

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