Oct 252013

Ken Steers was at a wounded warrior event last night and appears to have had too much to drink.

Steers is a Past President of the El Do GOP, donor to Vern Pierson and was a leading critic of Sherriff D’Agostini. According to several sources, Steers is also supportive of the rampage by Vern Pierson against Supervisor Ray Nutting.

Pictured here is the snippet from the website.

Steers appears to have been in the lockup for about 8 hours.

With the ongoing rampage against political enemies by El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson, all eyes will now be on the department to see if Mr. Steers is prosecuted as aggressively as El Dorado County does other DUI offenders.

… something about tossing stones in glass houses?

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