Feb 212013

The erstwhile Vice-Chairman of the California Republican Party had a very eventful couple of years from 2007-2009. He was in court a lot.

In fact- he is still bound by the terms of a mediated settlement related to the civil harassment petition of the Moon Family against him until 6/30/2013.

While the author of this post is not a legal expert – this would appear to be the civil equivalent of Probation in a criminal case.

Are you wondering what the State Media would do if they did their homework and found this out?

In the court documents (pages 6,7) – There is a solid reference May 2008 to Rodney admitting to Meth Use when he first started dating Debbie Jones four months prior. This is the only written evidence of drug use by Stanhope – the rest in anecdotal from multiple people.

* Nov-Dec 2008 – there is a reference to Rodney threatening to lock the petitioner’s daughter in the garage just like he did his girlfriend’s two nieces (aged 7,8) in the dark. The Garage was described as super cluttered.

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* Feb 2009 – there is a notation that Rodney Stanhope was arrested at a Galt City Council meeting on 4 outstanding warrants. According to the documents he blamed the petitioner for his arrest.

* Details in the court documents indicate that Rodney appeared to have violated his end of the mediated settlement several times. This caused the principal of the school / the Galt School District to:

— Send Rodney a letter telling him he was prohibited from attending any school activities.

— call the Galt Police Department multiple times.

* It also appears that Rodney was accused of leaving peanut shells at the property of the little girl who was apparently very allergic to peanuts.

* One of the police incident reports indicates that Stanhope was seen photographing the school.

It is a mystery to me why the judge did not grant the restraining order.

Meth Use, potential Child Abuse, potential stalking and more arrests. The true conservative for CRP Vice Chairman?

The mediated settlement was simple – both sides were to have no contact whatsoever and to stay 40 feet away from each other, it appears that Rodney may have even violated that.

The sudden stop in the file appears to correspond to Rodney leaving Galt and heading back up to El Dorado County.

This is recent 2008-2009, is this the behavior of the future Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party?

To be Continued…

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