Sep 262012

Jim Nielsen’s campaign staff have a nightmare. They have claimed that Jim Nielsen opposes a Peripheral Canal and Opposes Dam Removal.

Jim Nielsen even said as much in person at the Placer GOP Cent Com Meeting on 9/19/2012.

Jim Nielsen lied to the Placer County Republican Party, the independent expenditure paid for by liberal billionaire Charles Munger on his behalf is lying.

SB X7 2 11/04/2009 – here is the vote tally – Note the title: TOPIC: Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supp

Whoops. Dan Logue NO, Ted Gaines NO – JIM NIELSEN YES. SB X7 2 was the vote to put the water bond on the 2010 ballot. It has since been moved twice.

The title is key – because the summary linked here has the same title, yet reads SB2. So that no one can attempt to parse words – this was SB2 from an extraordinary session as the legislature usually recesses at the end of August. Also – look at the link in your browser – you will see that it matches the term SB X7 2 in the link.

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Please refer to page 25 – Page 25 provides $250,000,000 for Dam Removal in the Klamath River Watershed – this is in Siskiyou County.

What about the Peripheral Canal? – well, take a look at Governor Arnold gushing over the approval of this measure!

This is from the Stockton Record and is dated NOVEMBER 4, 2009 – an exact match with the above.

If you look closely at this bond – you will see that it is an environmental grab bag of pork, watershed restoration, clean drinking water – a veritable agenda 21 shopping spree.

Jim Nielsen can not wiggle free from this – his own record has doomed him. This bond that Nielsen supported will be on the ballot in 2014 unless it is moved again.

Jim Nielsen’s Senate Campaign just got aborted.

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