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Jim Nielsen is beating a drum – if you hammer him for his record, you’re a liar. Click here to see our post from last year lambasting Jim Nielsen for his role in decimating the CAGOP Platform.

Unfortunately, for gentleman Jim, he has been in office too long to get away with anything. Actually, he has been on both sides of so many issues he is using that to double-speak any of his critics. Case and point – Periphrial Canal – He opposed Jerry Brown’s Canal, but supported George Deukmejian’s. He voted to put Prop 14 on the ballot, but then opposed Prop 14 once on the ballot. He called members of the legislature to go up on Prop 1A – the largest tax increase in state history, then voted against it on the floor of the Assembly.

Nielsen was also on both sides of the California Republican Party Platform debate. But, what he did as a member of the drafting committee was so egregious that he will not recover politically from the exposure.

In the drafting Committee – the minutes show that Jim Nielsen was out in front, leading the charge for the Platform for California’s Future. This platform had the pro-life, prop-8, 2nd amendment, and a whole bunch of other Republican issues stripped out of it.

It was so watered down that it even had the ethics section deleted! Click here for a full analysis between the previous CRP platform and the one that Jim Nielsen advocated for.

Click here to see the minutes from the Platform Drafting Committee MeetingNielsen was the first to speak towards its’ adoption and he made the motion to adopt said platform (Called the Platform for California’s Future). Conservative leaders Mike Spence and Craig DeLuz led the opposition.

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Note as well that there were amendments proposed to bring parts of the “Pruner Platform” in to the Jim Nielsen Platform. They were all torpedoed.

The amendment to add paragraphs 3-8 of page 8 was adding Pro-Life language to the Nielsen platform. It was voted down. The amdnement to add paragraph 2 of page 5 was adding Prop-8 to the Nielsen platform. It was voted down.

I was called the day of the Drafting committee meeting by Steve Frank and I also spoke to Craig DeLuz. They both told me that Jim Nielsen was leading the debate for the watered-down platform the entire meeting. Mike Spence later confirmed the same story and he added that David Stafford Reade (who was expelled from CRA for 10 years for committing fraud) was there with Jim Nielsen.

You see, when legislative staff come forward to tell me that Jim Nielsen is making calls to try and recruit people to support the largest tax increase in state history – it gets my attention. When these same staffers tell me that Nielsen played let’s-make-a-deal on tossing three dams in Siskiyou County as part of Arnold’s water bond (which could go on the ballot at any time, still)… it gets my attention. Then when something like the Platform fight features Jim Nielsen it all makes sense.

There are times when Jim Nielsen’s own tendencies put him in a place where calling his critics liars just simply can not obfuscate the truth.

Jim Nielsen calls himself a Conservative because he is not. He attempted to destroy the CAGOP Platform – largely due to this blog criticizing him  – Jim Nielsen reversed himself and actually voted against the Platform he had moved to adopt and voted for the “Pruner Platform” in the entire Platform Committee.

Add this to the list of Jim Nielsen’s flip-flops – but this one is clearly an effort to save face after getting exposed.

P.S. – remember that $133k that Charles Munger invested in Nielsen? Charles Munger spent a reputed $250k on the effort to gut the CRP Platform. David Stafford Reade was paid to run the proxy drill in the north state for Munger. The $133k from Munger certainly looks like Jim Nielsen’s reward for services rendered. If Nielsen really supported a Conservative CAGOP Platform would Charles Munger have dropped $133k in to him?

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  One Response to “Jim Nielsen Expose’ Part 1 – His Role in Destroying the CAGOP Platform”

  1. As a longtime pain in the butt to Embezzlyman Nielson, this is my most recent letter to the Editor in the Red Bluff Daily News

    Dear Editor,
    Our local newspaper is the fabric of our community. It reflects who we are! It’s who we brand ourselves everyday! It should be reliable, unbiased and honest. It should have a staff of professional journalists to make sure these goals are achieved!
    When the Daily News allows a lay person with no degree or professional training to write a weekly column, in which he wastes valuable inches of newspaper space self-promoting his web site and his Tea Party politics; where he often bullies or name calls anyone who dares to have an opinion other than his; who supports criminal behavior by elected officials; and spews the kind of hate and bigotry that fuels the kind of violence that murdered four true American heroes standing for peace in Libya, they do their community a disservice!
    When people come here to have fun, buy a home, open a business…do we really want them reading Polson’s opinion in our paper and listening to him and Cal Hunter
    spew out bigoted, sexist and hate filled remarks. If they are the voice of Red Bluff, no wonder we don’t grow healthier, wealthier and wiser; why we don’t get blessed with jobs and opportunities! No wonder the homeless and drug rattled fill up our slough, beg on our streets and rob our homes, look who has been branding our community.
    Polson berates candidate for Assembly/Senate Dan Logue for “despicable mud-slinging, disingenuous mischaracterizations and flat out lies”. Nielson took money from his campaign, funneled it illegally into the Tehama County Republican Central Committee, of which Polson is part of. Then, they illegally funneled the money into Bob Williams campaign account. Everyone involved should have been prosecuted, yet Polson whines for yet another apology.
    Polson was ready to testify for Nielson and swear in court, with his hand on the Bible that Nielson lives in Gerber Now, that is a bold face lie. Nielson receives $20,000.00 illegally every year telling that lie. His wife, also a State employee, receives per diem for the same lie also. How much money is the Nielson’s stealing from taxpayers, while Polson and his Tea Party Patriots preach weekly about fiscal responsibility. Yet, they endorse these thieves!
    Nielson and LaMalfa stole our lake, put in a pumping station, which will pump water from what is left of our river to fill LaMalfa’s Sites Reservoir, which will then connect with the tunnel under the delta that Nielson is “fighting”, but is actually a part of, to ship to his real constituents theCentral Valley and the main reason Democratic law makers in Sacramento have not brought charges of any kind against Nielson and now, LaMalfa. Sacramento wants our water. LaMalfa and Neilson, both proven liars, will deliver!
    In addition, when LaMalfa’s campaign manager put up a fraudulent web site in another candidates name, criticizing one of his fellow Republicans running against him…LaMalfa committed fraud, showed he was a coward and proved he couldn’t be trusted! These are the candidates Polson and his Tea Party endorses for our community.
    Editor Chip Thompson finally stepped up and wrote an excellent column about this political quagmire and I applaud him. We need more editorials like that and news reporting to support it.
    Just like cleaning up our park and Main Street put pride and heart back in our community. Cleaning up our newspaper and radio station will go a long way toward reflecting and branding the true goodness hidden behind the political corruption, bigotry and hate that appears way too often on air and in print!

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