May 222012

Remember Dave Gilliard All-Star Barbara Ortega – she of the unhinged ranting at a candidate forum? Ortega got hammered by a group of Republican Clubs for basic stupidity.

A lot has been written about Barbara Ortega – but let’s just say that she is a train wreck of a candidate.

However, as Dave Gilliard’s grip on victory after victory appears to be slipping, he is getting sloppy. First, Doug LaMalfa Chief of Staff Mark Spannagel gets caught committing a federal felony and now Dave Gilliard himself reaches a new low – even by his standards.

In political insider circles – we look at the lie-infested mailers that Dave Gilliard creates and we call them Dave Gilliard specials. In the case of a mailer against Peter Tateshi – the Republican Establishment Endorsed Candidate in AD-08, at least there was some truth to the claims of Gilliard.

You may wonder why I am not assigning this to Barbara Ortega – based on what I know of her, the content of this mailer was not her idea. Based on her rants, however – she is indeed jealous of the nice Congressional Salary that Tateshi makes.

The front page of the mailer makes fun of Tateshi’s Japaneese heritage – it is supposed to be Tateshi in place of a dead President on a dollar bill, but it looks like Emporer Hirohito. When you add in the asian style lettering above the picture – your hair should stand on end.

But, the checks cash for Mr. Gilliard.

Barbara Ortega does not have a chance of winning the AD-08 race.

If you look at page two and three – it is a class-warfare baiting piece talking about how Peter’s salary went up over the years he worked for Dan Lungren. It of course omits that Peter ascended to become  Chief of Staff – precipitating some of the raises.

Then the back fold again begs questions of whether there is a racial overtone to this piece. Look at the font of the writing – apparently asian once again.

I will give Gilliard credit for one thing – he is detailed in what he does (with regard to mail only). Therefore, I am not cutting him any slack in this analysis.

It is apparent that Ortega has no resources as this mailer is quite a reach and tries to do too much.

As to Barbara Ortega – she is probably best served finding some sort of professional help after she loses the June 5th Primary.

P.S. Also of note – Gilliard makes an issue of Peter Tateshi’s Job… is that some sort of theme? Hide those of his own clients and rail on those of their opponents???

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  5 Responses to “Dave Gilliard / Barbara Ortega – Racist Mailer? Or Just Plain Desperate?”

    May 21, 2012 (530)748-7142 [email protected]

    Assembly District 8 Candidate John Thomas Flynn
    Deplores Opponent Barbara Ortega’s Racist Mailer
    Depiction of Peter Tateishi Goes Beyond the Pale – Politically, Ethically and Morally

    Voters in Assembly District 8 including candidate John Thomas Flynn were shocked to see in their mail this morning a political hit piece from one of his opponents Barbara Ortega. While not the subject of said piece, Flynn blasted Ortega’s mailer which depicts their mutual opponent and primary frontrunner Peter Tateishi, accentuating his ethnicity through photoshopping, and using apparently a mandarin font in its typecast.

    While the content of the Ortega mailer questions Tateishi’s Congressional staff salary and his significant raises over the last few years, it’s the dramatic cover (attached) that has created the controversy and attention.

    Flynn stated, “The theme of Ortega’s agitprop is something we might see in the dark days following Pearl Harbor, or perhaps the brainchild of a Joseph Goebbels. It’s just deplorable.”

    In a tight race for a Republican spot in the open primary on June 5th, these three Republican candidates have enjoyed for the most part, a cordial, frank and at times spirited campaign; however as Flynn said today, “Unfortunately, Barbara has not only broken Ronald Reagan’s famous 11th Commandment, [Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican], but she’s doubling down with this toxic message, which is more Occupy Wall Street oriented than Main Street Republican. She owes Peter an apology.”


  2. To say that Barbara Ortega needs professional help is just plain stupid. You obviously don’t know her. And to suggest that she has a racist bone in her body is simply wrong–and something, I, as a friend, take offense to.

    Blogger’s Note: As someone who has observed her behavior, I think she needs help. Either that or she should stop drinking – take your pick.

    If the Ortega mailer offended Mr. Tateishi, perhaps he should take a look at his own logo, which has an Asian-inspired slash through the “H” in “Tateishi.” Instead of attacking his opponent, Mr. Tateishi could clean house and fire the graphic artist who designed his logo, the consultant who hired the artist, and himself for approving it.

    Blogger’s Note: kind of like saying it is ok to call a black guy a n—er because they call each other n—ers.

    Playing the race card for nothing but political expedience is just plain wrong. Our society is better than that.

  3. As somebody who has seen Barbara Ortega in a variety of social and public situations over the years, I couldn’t disagree with you more. Whether it’s with family, friends, colleagues, her menagerie of beloved pets, or the numerous causes she’s involved with, she’s always the rock of the group. Perhaps you and Tateishi just don’t like someone–let alone a woman–standing up to those who are only interested in defending the status quo, the very people who have gotten our state into the mess it is in.

    Either that or you’re engaging in blatant character assassination for pure political gain–take your pick. It was, after all, Tateishi, who sent out a loathsome and dishonest hit piece attacking her personally. His was nothing more than a cowardly attempt to paint her with a negative brush and had nothing whatsoever to do with the serious issues we’re facing.

    Blogger’s Note: I became interested once I saw the racist mailer. Before that, I could care less. I don’t even know Peter Tateshi… I do know Barbara Ortega via the reports from Republican Clubs about her bizarre behavior and subsequent censure and press release about it.

  4. Do you really think it bizarre that Ortega stood up to Tateishi and his group for taking down dozens of her campaign’s yard signs on the property of her neighbors? That was the subject at that meeting. She told Tateishi and the others responsible in the strongest possible terms that such conduct is not acceptable. Several of her neighbors have filed complaints over it, and she had every right to confront those responsible face to face. I, for one, admire her for it. Rather than offering an apology and working to correct such egregious behavior, Tateishi and his campaign chose to lash out at Ortega. Tateishi’s team is unethical and dishonest–and Tateishi should be ashamed for the way he’s conducted his campaign and the reprehensible tactics he’s employed.

    Blogger’s Note: If the above is true, all the Republican Groups are liars and Gilliard’s Racist mailers are justified.

  5. Keep repeating the racist charge over the font chosen by the Latina’s campaign and maybe it will stick.

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