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Have you started to wonder why with the state Billions in the hole, our state education ranked 49th, our credit rating last, our roads crumbling and a new bill just passed mandating 6 year olds be taught about homosexuality – why LaMalfa and Gaines have prioritized attacking Republican volunteers?

Why would a self-styled Conservative activist who travels the state and  country to speak at and attend events attack a Prop 8 campaign?

We’ve already covered the possible reasons why Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa would join in on the current attacks.

Prop 8 was a brutal campaign, people got their houses vandalized, people got physically assaulted and businesses got boycotted.

People needed a way to participate without the specter of the open-minded tolerant liberals coming after them.

Enter www.lavendarliberal.com – this is a homosexual activist website designed to attack anyone who supported Prop 8. If you click on the block8 link – it takes you to a searchable database where you can look up anyone who has donated money to most pro-family campaigns across America. The site is replete with vicious comments about the donors as well.

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Apparently, the ultimate goal of the Capitol Resource Institute is to eliminate competition in the Prop 8 arena. The pattern of financial motivations by Karen England is well established – and attacking the Placer GOP’s Prop 8 program in an attempt to expose the names of all who participated anonymously would certainly prevent such an effort from happening again.

And, as a side bonus, Karen England  is able to “get” two of her political opponents in the process.

Karen England registered a domain in 2008 – www.yesonproposition8.com. This was a website that was put together by the Capitol Resource Institute to raise money. I was also told that the Capitol Resource Institute refused to participate with the real prop 8 campaign – www.protectmarriage.com and that they sent out numerous fundraising emails actually competing with the real prop 8 campaign!

Lavendar Liberal was kind enough to leave a blog post active with screenshots of the fake prop 8 website. It also proves a direct linkage to the Capitol Resource Institute in the creation and maintenance of the website.

I wonder if Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa knew about this? I wonder if the $34,500 would have still been forthcoming if they knew this had happened?

Your intrepid blogger cross-referenced campaign finance reports that show what happened with the money raised by the fake prop 8 website run by Karen England and the Capitol Resource Institute.

Please also note that most all of the money raised by the CRI was from small dollar donors – suggesting that hundreds of people were fooled by this website.

The link to the campaign finance report is here for your reference.

A close look reveals this:

They held back $20,000 which was sent to the Capitol Resource Institute itself after the election was over. This is odd as most campaigns finish in debt – this suggests to me some pre-meditation with regards to the plans for the money all along.

Of the remaining $104,732.36 raised – it was spent as follows:

Around $31,000 in expenses of Capitol Resource Family Impact – a related entity to the Capitol Resource Institute. From looking at the report – it appears that over 40% of the money raised benefited the Capitol Resource Institute directly or indirectly.

In addition – there are several payments to LaTanya Wright, who works for the Capitol Resource Institute. (Side note – Wright was intended to be a alternate from the Seal Beach Republican Assembly in the attempted CRA coup in 2011. Wright lives in Roseville)

Meredith Turney also shows up on the report – at that time, she was employed by the Capitol Resource Institute as well.

The Capitol Resource Institute’s Yes on Prop 8 campaign sent out several emails as well. A 36-page document is linked here with several of the emails that were sent out in competition with the real prop 8 campaign. The comments at the beginning of several of the emails are revealing:

“This is the Capitol Resource Institute trying to skim money off of Prop 8”

“This is very fishy – I almost donated money to this site…”

“It appears Karen England is at it again, read on”

I spoke with a few people off the record and they were adamant that the Capitol Resource Institute refused to be cohesive with any of the other interests behind Prop 8 – and openly competed with the real Prop 8 campaign.

That pattern of behavior continues today as Karen’s rampage against the Placer County Republican Party has targeted a legitimate grass-roots effort done in 2008 to get out the vote for Proposition 8.

Transparency is the buzzword used to attack. So why has it taken this blogger to shed light on the motives?

Next up – a trip down CRA memory lane to the 2007 CRA Convention where Karen England was involved in the purchase of a State CRA Endorsement for a Pro-Choice, Presidential Candidate who also introduced socialized medicine in to his home state as a governor.

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