Jul 282011

The following is the text of an email I sent to hundreds of people. (Speaking of why I am skeptical that the Good Senators can negotiate any sort of peace on the Placer GOP)

In a recent article in the Marysville Appeal-Democrat, Mark Spannagel was quoted as saying that “Members of the Placer County Republican Central Committee, including Park, are under investigation by the FBI and state Fair Political Practices Commission.” David Reade re-affirmed Spannagel’s Statement in his quote in the article.

You need to know that this is a complete and total lie, similar to several equally as absurd claims that we have heard at our Central Committee meetings this year.

First, I just contacted the FBI to find out if I was the subject of an investigation.  They confirmed that they do not have a file on me and they are not seeking any information from me.

Second, I can confirm that I have never been contacted by the Fair Political Practices Commission in my life.  The organization’s website has never listed me as the subject of any investigation.  We all know that the Placer County Republican Party has been subjected to routine audits and investigations several times since I have been around it – but that does not mean that any “members” are under investigation.  As far as I can tell, no one is being investigated and there are no grounds for any investigations.

Third, I have confirmed from former staff members of Senator Rico Oller that David Reade circulated false rumors that Rico Oller was being investigated by the FBI back in 2000. Apparently, he felt that this unethical campaign practice was appropriate because Rico was running for Senate against his father-in-law, Bernie Richter.  Eleven years later, Rico and his employees have never been contacted by the FBI.

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Apparently, Mark, Spannagel, David Reade and their ally on our Central Committee believe these kinds of unethical attacks are appropriate for a volunteer organization.  David Reade, Mark Spannagel, and Karen England recently had their membership removed from the California Republican Assembly for fraud and misconduct.

It is also a shame that the above three appear to believe it is in the best interest of the Republican Party to continue to breathe life into non-scandals in an effort to gain political advantage. Their actions are making in nigh-on-impossible for Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa to negotiate any sort of peace.

If the lies and personal attacks in an around our Committee meetings do not stop, we may need to consider similar action that the CRA took.  At some point, we need to draw a clear line between political disagreements and smear campaigns based on lies.

Aaron Park
Member, District 2
Placer County Republican Central Committee

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