May 182010

If the Secretary of State allows Scum-Sucking to count as one word, it fits.

Folks – this is Chuck DeVore in his own words, this is not, I repeat not, another gratituitous entry in the Sgt. York political sniping campaign.

DeVore obviously skipped or flunked the Dale Carnegie protion of his officer training.

I had written about this article previously but missed something key:

“Ballot titles matter a lot in California,” DeVore told a Family Action PAC luncheon at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach. “They called me a California state assemblyman. That’s like saying Chuck DeVore’s a thief. My actual title is assemblyman/military reservist. In our internal polling, that change alone doubled my support, when people found out I was not merely a scum-sucking politician.”

Let’s have a breakdown:

1. Ballot titles matter a lot in California. (This is true in down ticket races – but in DeVore’s case, this may be the only way to establish qualification.)

2. They called me a State Assemblyman. That’s like saying Chuck DeVore’s a thief. (Whoops!)

Did you catch that Garrick? Villines, Niello, Berryhill, Gilmore, Norby?

3. …doubled my support… when people found out I was not merely a scum-sucking politician. (Ouch!)

Chuck seemed a little self-focused when he uttered those remarks and probably irritated his 28 colleagues. 8 of whom are now supporting Carly.

Now this is not another cheap-shot from your humble Sgt. –  This is called Marketing 101 and the above falls in the category of the below campaign sign:

Epic Fail. (8%)

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