Mar 282010

Those of you that have read my blogging know I have been after capitol staff who moonlight – my assertion is that there is no way the taxpayers are receiving the benefit of a complete day’s work while someone is also working another full-time job.

Chuck DeVore and his staff were profiled in an OC Watchdog post which is affiliated with and also profiled on the OC Register. Normally, the OC Register is cozy with the Meg County Blog and Chuck DeVore.

This story is interesting – a few items that caught my eye follow:

1. DeVore’s Communications Director, Josh Trevino wrote the following in response to an inquiry from the story-writer about his legislative pay:

“…Bottom line is that I’m not making meaningful money off DeVore —  especially not compared to what I’d make with a similar commitment to a TSM client. I do what I do because I sincerely believe in him and his chances.”

I’m Sorry – that is about as believable as the assertion that wussing out and abstaining is the same as voting against Abel Maldonado.

2. The story concludes with this gem from DeVore:

DeVore says he’s lucky to have supporters like this, he says a “grassroots” campaign like his would never succeed without talented volunteers because he could never afford their services on his budget. He says this is a shining example of democracy.

Because if you ask DeVore for pay – you’ll get accused of extortion.

If Trevino can pay his bills on half a check – I salute him and would like to seek his advice on money management… Or I could sell my soul and collect wads of cash from candidates I don’t believe in.

The point is – consultants don’t work for free… and this looks like the taxpayers are subsidizing DeVore’s campaign.

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  4 Responses to “Chuck DeVore – Time Honored Tradition of Staffers Double-Dipping?”

  1. Hahaha, love the Carly Fiorina adds. Easy to believe you are slamming Chuck DeVore. Doesn’t appear as if you are in this for the money and unlike so many others, you don’t sell your soul to the highest bidder.

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