This is not a tax lien. This is not some sort of “Misunderstanding”. This is a default judgement against Rene Aguilera. The attached documents are from the County of Placer.

Rene Aguilera is proving by his life’s pattern of behavior to not be a good person at all, and certainly not deserving of office.

A default judgement occurs when you refuse to do something and usually occurs when you choose not to defend yourself from the accusation of those seeking said judgement against you.

Here are the facts as I read them from the documents:

Rene Aguilera took out an $18,000 high risk loan with Beneficial Financial for an interest rate of 28.9%. Somehow, he was able to do it without putting his home up as collateral.

The documents indicate multiple attempts to communicate with Rene Aguilera by the creditor.

The documents indicate no response from Rene Aguilera whatsoever.

The documents indicate that the debt was sold off 3/28/2014 or simply assigned to – to a collection agency in Walnut Creek, California. The County of Placer filed the documents in June.

So, Rene Aguilera appears to have failed to file a corporate tax return nor paid corporate filing fees causing H.E.A.R. to get suspended by the California Secretary of State.

In 2009, he defaulted on his first mortgage

In 2011, he defaulted on this loan and got a default judgement entered against him

In 2013, Rene Aguilera got fined for concealing free meals off of his form 700

In 2014, Rene Aguilera’s current form 700 lists no income and no assets and has nothing indicating how he is paying for multiple trips to Washington D.C…

… yet here sits this $18,000 judgement against Rene Aguilera that has gone unpaid, un-acknowledged and not acted upon at all.

I have written previously that my investigations of Aguilera indicate that he appears to have little or nothing in his name and that the sources of his income, if any, appear to be hidden. I believe this is a deliberate act and this $18,000 judgement is why.

That’s right – it looks like Rene Aguilera is attempting to hide from a creditor that he ripped off for a $15k loan. Yes, I wrote ripped off – when you borrow from someone and then don’t pay it back, that is stealing.

When you raise money for a non-profit with an expired corporation license and don’t tell anyone that non-profit is expired, that is lying aka fraud

When you use the school district’s computers, etc. to plan non-school district events, that is called misappropriation of government funds.

When your Nephew is dealing dope out of your home and you do nothing about it, that is called being an accessory.

More on the Rene Aguilera experience to follow…

Now just a damn minute, Aaron. Rene Aguilera is NOT a dope dealer.

Did you know that Rene Aguilera has at least 4 other people living in his 1400 SQF house?

Ok – so what. Well, one of them appears to be a drug dealer, one Everett “Tater” Proctor. (according to accounts of confidential informants, a former neighbor and a commenter on this blog)

Tater has made the Roseville Press Tribune – he was hauled a couple years ago for a probation violation.

There is also a broken link showing that Mr. Tater ended up in the City Slam on 7/17/2014. Whoops.

I learned that Everett Tater Proctor is Rene Aguilera’s Nephew based on the following: I’ve been told by several that Rene Aguilera’s Nephew is a drug dealer, it took a while to get a name for the Nephew. I’ve been told by others that Everett Tater Proctor lives at 136 Donner Ave. Everett Proctor shows up on lists of known associates of Aguilera’s.

How does that make you feel – knowing that Rene Aguilera is setting the Alarm off on the campus of Roseville High School at 4:30 AM and his Nephew is a dope dealer living at his house? Isn’t it grand knowing that Aguilera is helping to educate your children and has recruited two other associates to run for school board as well?

Wouldn’t it be grand to have a City Council-member who is part of negotiating with the local Police department who is harboring a dope dealer in his house?

I mentioned 4 people living in the house. According to accounts from people I have spoken to – there are two disabled people living at the house. Ostensibly, they are on Social Security and are paying some, if not all of it to Rene Aguilera for rent – or Aguilera is getting payments from the government for their care. There is also a female, who is the girlfriend of Aguilera’s Nephew who is also in and out of jail.

In addition to the above, Rene’s Sister Gloria lives at the house as well. It could well be that rent payments (if any) are being made to her and not to Rene, as little appears to be in Rene’s name other than the title to the house. (I have more to say on why I think that later)

Accounts I have been given also tell me that Homeless people are allowed to Squat on the Property. There are frequently Tents pitched in the back yard of the home. These homeless people are reputed to be amongst the customers of the drug dealer who is Aguilera’s Nephew, Everett Tater Proctor.

In addition, several of the homeless people have told my informants that Rene helps them get on Social Security. It makes sense as the pattern of Rene Aguilera tells me that he is skilled at leeching off of the system – so why not help others do the same?

Many of the above claims in this post are based on conversations I have had with people – want some real proof? Stay tuned as the Tour-de-Aguilera continues.

The Roseville Press Tribune had some coverage of Rene Aguilera in the paper. IMO – they gave Aguilera extra ink because he is the challenger.

The article erroneously says that Rene Aguilera ran for Roseville City Council in 2012. He did not. In 2012, he ran for Roseville High School Board while in mid-term for the Roseville City School Board. Since 2006, Aguilera has run for office every cycle and in 2010, even ran twice. I know it is difficult to keep track of and I continue to ask if Rene actually gives a damn about any of the constituents in any of the districts he has represented.

I am going to focus on the extreme leftist opinions that Rene expressed in the article as well as the race-baiting. It may not be obvious, but since I know Rene Aguilera well… allow me to decode:

“If you go down interstate 80, it says we 106,000 people in Roseville. I would venture to say we have 150,000 people,” Aguilera said in response to the question. “Most people can’t afford to live in Roseville, but they can work (here) because there’s good-paying jobs…growth should be balanced – housing, commercial and industrial. That way, those impacts can be minimized and we can get revenue for the tax base to provide services that we’re accustomed to. Growth should pay its own way and not rely on existing residents.

Ok – these are buzzwords of the left. The left hate suburbs. They want to force people in to high-rises in urban areas, this is the nexus behind SB375, AB32 and a host of other central planning bills that have made development nearly impossible.

If you understand the laws of the State of California – in his comments, Rene Aguilera just showed his support for the Mello-Roos taxes that people always get angry about having to pay.

Then, on the other hand, Aguilera makes a veiled racist swipe at Roseville being too expensive for most people to live in. The Mello-Roos taxes that Rene Aguilera supports are certainly a reason why – however, Rene Aguilera lied when he said most people can’t afford to live in Roseville.

The Sacramento Area – Roseville included has some of the cheapest real estate in California. You have to go to severely economically depressed (usually run by Aguilera’s fellow democrats) areas to find cheaper housing. (places like Stockton or South Sac for example)

Or, you can go to the north state where the timber and mining industry have been executed by the democrats to find cheaper housing.

Rene Aguilera, in the course of his populist race-baiting ignores that Roseville has slightly higher real estate prices than Rocklin or Citrus Heights because of its’ utilities, which cost about half what SMUD charges or 1/3 what PG&E rapes its rate-payers for. I am sure Aguilera could fix that problem, too if he had two other like-minded City Council members.

The real choice content is next:

The bill Aguilera referred to, is a piece of legislation proposed by assemblyman Roger Hernandez (D-West Covina) that would require non-charter cities with populations over 100,000 to establish districts, rather than hold at large elections as Roseville does. Following Hernandez’s idea that such would allow representation to better represent demographics in a city’s respective neighborhoods, Aguilera believes this method would produce a more diverse city council.

Groups like Aguilera’s MALDEF and the ACLU go around suing cities and bullying cities with hyperbolic charges of racism in order to force district elections on to them. See also the current measure in the City of Anaheim that was the result of lawsuits brought by the far-left.

Roger Hernandez is one of many democrat legislators to get a DUI in recent years, and he even threw in a domestic violence charge.

Aguilera’s psychosis was also borne out in an incredible statement where he claims he would have won election in 2012 had Roseville had districts.

Allow me to educate Mr. Aggie-lair-uh about Roseville’s elected officials:

City Council: Susan Rohan, Bonnie Gore, Carol Garcia, Pauline Rocucci, Tim Herman. 4 Women and a Jewish Male. Apparently, Mr. Aguilera’s idea of diversity means that HE should be elected to the city council and the rest of us are racists.

Allow me to pile on some more diversity:

Dry Creek USD: Diane Howe, Tracy Pittman, Scott Otsuka, Jeff Holland, Jeff Randall – that’s Two more women and a Japaneese Man, for those of you scoring at home. (and, finally our first two GASP white males)

Roseville City School District: James “Brian” Vlahos, Jeff Willoughby, Susan Duane, Gary Miller, Hallie Romero. Two more Women, a homosexual male and two more of those white dudes.

The Eureka USD (which takes in a slice of Far East Roseville) has two women and three (GASP) white men.

The Roseville Joint Union High School District – Jan Pinney, Scott Huber, Linda Park, Paige Stauss and Aggie-lair-uh – Again Two Women, a latino and Two (GASP) white dudes.

This means that in Roseville – only one board (Eureka USD) that covers less than 10% of the city of Roseville is controlled by those non-diverse White dudes.

What about our supervisors? Jack Duran and Kirk Uhler. (Duran is latino, Uhler is as white as a ghost, which probably keeps Aguilera up at night)

How about the County Board of Education? Robert Tomasini, Susan Goto and Suzanne Jones. That is one American Japanese, one Woman and one (GASP) White dude.

But – for those of you victimized by common core math, let’s tally for a final score:

Out of 30 Available Seats:

14 Women – or 48%
2 Asian
2 Latino
1 Jewish
1 Homosexual

… and 11 of those really BAD Straight White Dudes. (That is about 37%)

BTW – Placer County is 84% White. Roseville is at least 80% White. I think our representation is just fine, and Rene Aguilera is a race-baiting idiot.

The Rene Aguilera Experience, take some Tylenol and keep reading.

The Train-wreck that is the Rene Aggie-lair-uh (spelled phonetically for you insensitive readers) experience continues to snowball as your intrepid blogger researches the man, the myth and the legend (in his own mind) that is Rene Aguilera.

As mentioned ad-naseum on this blog, H.E.A.R. is a suspended corporation according to the Secretary of State’s website. Further investigation shows that the franchise tax board shut it down on 12/01/2004. This indicates that Rene Aguilera may well have failed to file a tax return as well. (speaking of a pattern of not paying his bills)


… and then there is this. Dated 3/7/2006 is a request from H.E.A.R. for revenue sharing money from the Placer County Board of Supes.

It is my understanding that the Board only donates to Non-Profits. A non-profit is a form of a corporation. When your corporation license is suspended, you are not a corporation – this means that H.E.A.R. was not a non-profit at the time of the request.

Did Rene Aguilera commit fraud? He certainly makes it appear in this letter that H.E.A.R is a non-profit, even listing the tax ID of the suspended corporation on the top of the letter!!!

If you look close at the documents, they are related to the Cesar Chavez Day event in 2006. I really think that Aguilera needs professional help, and professional help with planning the Cesar Chavez Day events. He appears to be breaking the law during the planning of these things – in 2006 with this apparent defrauding of the County Board of Supervisors, and in 2013 when he appears to have misappropriated the resources of the Roseville Joint Union High School District.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Rene Aguilera lied – either by commission, by holding H.E.A.R. out to be a non-profit, or by omission by not being honest about the suspended corporation.

This is a consistent pattern with Rene Aguilera, not paying his bills, refusing to file his paperwork correctly and playing fast and loose with the truth – including him actually getting caught by the FPPC. More will be uncovered here, stay tuned as the Rene Aguilera experience continues to unfold.

Rene Aguilera either has a paperwork problem or he is living off of the system (aka, us).

On his form 700, he lists no Job – yet he travels to Washington D.C. to lobby congress for far-left groups like MALDEF. He also lists no assets on his form 700.

Yet – he got fined for ethics violations by the FPPC for FAILURE TO REPORT A GIFT. Did he fail to report free trips to Washington D.C.?

We have clear evidence that he was using the resources of the RJUHSD to benefit himself.

We have an expired corporation that he (Aguilera) is still using to this day. It expired because Rene Aguilera did not pay his bills 10 years ago and remains expired.

So why is it no surprise that Rene Aguilera, a man with no job, a proven record of screwing up his paperwork, a man with no assets but a healthy travel schedule would have a notice of default filed with the county?

Recording Date: 08/20/2009
Date Of Default: 08/20/2009
Filing Date: 08/20/2009
Document Year: 2009


Amount Of Default: $3,569.47
Address: 136 DONNER AVE,  ROSEVILLE, CA 95678-2707 (Placer COUNTY)
Mailing Address: 136 DONNER AVE,  ROSEVILLE, CA 95678-2707 (Placer COUNTY)
Lender Company Name: CITIMORTGAGE
Lender Address: 2141 5TH AVE,  SAN DIEGO, CA 92101-2101 (San Diego COUNTY)
Trustee Address: 2141 5TH AVE,  SAN DIEGO, CA 92101-2101 (San Diego COUNTY)
Trustee Sale Number: CA-09-308409
Original Loan Date: 10/12/2001
Original Loan Recording Date: 10/18/2001
Last Full Sale Transfer Date: 10/14/1988
Original Loan Amount: $70,427
Original Document Number: 000000108108
Parcel Number Id: 013-142-004-000

Based on what I could gather – Aguilera pays property taxes on about $30,000. (So I suppose he supports prop 13, while wanting to raise everyone else’s taxes) If the note on this house was $70k, then the payment is roughly $600-$700 a month. This means he missed quote a few payments before this notice of default was filed.

It must be tough making a house payment without a job. However, the default was cured and there has not been another one filed – I am not sure if Aguilera got an Obama bailout or if he simply paid his bill.

This guy is running for Roseville City Council and he has recruited two close associates to run for Roseville Joint Union High School District. Now, ask yourself if this is the kind of “Record” you want a Roseville City Council-member to have?

But, wait – there is a lot more, including about Rene Aguilera’s “Associates”.

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