I don’t know why I keep writing about Rodney Stanhope. Maybe it is that I need to blow something up, or maybe it is that there are no elections, I’m bored and people keep messaging / emailing / texting / calling me.

Rodney can’t help himself – he has told people he was born without a “guilt gene”. It seems to make sense as the man has no shame and continues to con people even as the universe of burnt people grows.

It is my opinion that Mr. Stanhope fits the classic profile of a sociopath, no guilt, no remorse, no shame.

Witness his recent facebook postings about how he is getting a divorce and how he is the victim – even though today he posted that he is in a “New Relationship” while his enablers were clicking like. His current wife was cheated on several times that I am aware of. No big deal – Rodney is the victim here.

The inserted picture here is blatant evidence that while Rodney is still married and is posting about being in a new relationship, he is propositioning a third woman in this text message exchange.

As previously chronicled, Mr. Stanhope had an affair twice with another campaign staffer and in between retained the services of a Prostitute in 2014. I am sure there are others, they may come forward as the others have.

Every year since 2002, Rodney Stanhope has slept in a tough shed for 12-14 days to collect “toys for the troop’s kids”. As documented here, one year it was used as alternative sentencing for his assault conviction (that he just completed the probation for in 2013) Originally, Stanhope was part of the CRVA who disassociated themselves from him after one season due to Mr. Stanhope’s need to have the spotlight all to himself.

What I learned today in multiple on-line chats is that Mr. Stanhope in the opinion of several women that know him has stolen several toys from the effort every year in addition to “significant amounts of cash”.

Quote 1: “And yes – I saw him loading stolen toys into his car in 2010. He said (current wife) wanted things for herself and for —- (her son). I didn’t actually see him take the stuff from the toy shed – he had a loaded box in the shed he slept in the night we were there to move him out. But they were new toys.

Every one of Rodney’s exes always comment about how he is always broke… one of the chats yielded this bombshell: He wants to go sit in that tuff shed every winter to help other kids and he ignores his own kids. WTH? What kinda crap is that??!?? He steals from the shed every year. He walks away with cash and lots of it - and later added – [child]…always got nice gifts after the shed thing is done. He had spending money after that too. [deleted] has talked about the same thing too. He has cash after that thing is done.

In hand-written notes I have confirmation from other women of the exact same pattern.

Court documents show allegations that Rodney keeps alcohol in and may have even used drugs while in the shed. I have seen his bottles in the shed first-hand. I have seen him steal money from people myself in other venues – granted all instances I saw personally are over 9 years old, but why would that change now?

In another posting on Facebook – Rodney posted pictures of himself with a daughter he says he was meeting for the first time. From my chats with several women, I have been able to deduce that the child is roughly 14, is likely child #4 that Rodney fathered in between marriage #2 and #3. Court Records show court-ordered paternity tests in 2001 and 2004. The 2001 test would be consistent with a 14-year-old kid today.

The story is that the mother of that child was on welfare and of course the state wanted to go after the father in an attempt to recover some of the money. Rodney first attempted to deny paternity and the test came up that he was the father. in 2013, when running for CRP Vice-Chair the first time, Rodney lied about the 2001 paternity test while challenging the voracity of this blog, his friends in the Tea Party Caucus believed him without ever following up.

The situation with this “newly found” daughter could explain why Mr. Stanhope does not have a checking account, works cash jobs only, lives on Wal-Mart and Cash Cards and has nothing in his own name. Literally, dozens of people have told me about this as it appears odd to everyone.

Mr. Stanhope is currently under a court order in El Dorado County, but it is unclear if that order is for this child.

If you have not read enough yet – add this story in. In 2011 a generator disappeared from the Shed. Allow my sources to kick in:

Also in 2011 the Guard group he usually worked with was refusing to be there because they said he stole a generator from them and money. I heard that myself because [details deleted to protect identity of source]. Don’t know what eventually happened, because when I asked him about it later he said they were wrong and it got resolved.

Then in a separate chat – this bombshell: One year his generator was “stolen”… and the news showed up to interview him… Except it was in [deleted] garage! … He was tearing up in that interview and everything! He won the daytime Emmy that day

If you donate to the Rodney Shed Effort – based on the above, I can say that it will likely go in to Rodney’s pocket and in to his habit.

One of my sources told me that Rodney has a suspended license for a Failure to Appear: I heard it on the scanner the other night, when he called EDSO on [deleted], because she locked him out LMAO… They ran him and he is on a suspended license and a FTA not at warrant status YET…

Yes, this guy got 227 votes for CRP Vice Chair in 2013. A con artist.

Two years ago when I unloaded on Rodney Stanhope – I was warned by two of his ex-wives (he is currently on the way to his 4th Divorce) that he would be back despite getting decimated 881-227 by CRP Vice Chair Harmeet Dhillon.

That’s right, 227 Tea Partiers voted for Rodney Stanhope – you know, to teach the establishment a lesson. Stanhope had no support from any other group within the California GOP. As a result, they helped convince the delusional Stanhope that he could take a second run at it.

The Tea Partiers voted for a man who at the time, had six tax liens, a recent criminal conviction, wage garnishments for child support, recent harassment complaints and a string of campaigns he had destroyed.

Now, we are two years further along in Mr. Stanhope’s addiction. Like any good addict, Stanhope has surrounded himself with people that reassure him that he is right and everyone else is wrong. Similar to someone living in the haze of intoxication, the facts don’t matter, including posting actual court documents, pictures of him with his face further sunken in or more stuff from the local police blotter.

Yet, many in the Tea Party think he is a righteous dude. I have come to believe that the Tea Party in California are destructive, I can draw no other conclusion from seeing them actively sabotage Doug Ose in one area because he is too liberal, in other areas being used by liberals to run conservatives out of office and in various parts of the state supporting complete train wrecks for party office.

That said, I had decided to leave Rodney alone until a couple of women approached me. Again. Different women than the dozen or so I talked to in 2012-2103.

Rodney has had a pattern of conning his way in to campaigns, doing nothing while trying to make it look like he is, “hiring” people to work on said campaigns and then not paying them.

In the case of one of my sources, she did get paid (because she was aggressive about it) – but found out later that she had been double-dealt on a couple of times. This person worked on the Kevin Falconer effort in San Diego and saw first-hand Mr. Stanhope having an affair on his fourth wife with another campaign worker.

It continued when she was brought in to the Anna Bryson Campaign by Rodney as well as the Mitchum for Congress Campaign. The source indicated to me multiple instances of Rodney using meth and one suspicious circumstance where another campaign worker came up with injuries consistent with a physical assault. I have known Stanhope to be verbally abusive  causing several scared women to try and get a restraining order against him, and he does have a misdemeanor assault conviction as well.

I have spoken to several people around both campaigns and this most recent source has corroborated everything they told me, and then some. It appears Rodney would walk about 20 houses in a precinct and go to a bar. I have had two candidates that hired Rodney tell me similar stories. In the Bryson effort, the source indicated that Rodney retained the services of a hooker for an extended period of partying in a hotel room while Bryson was going down in flames.

Rodney was retained by Clair(e) McNeal (who I lampooned a couple of times as I had friends in the camp of another failed candidate). It was in the McNeal campaign that Rodney’s affair from San Diego became known as it re-started post Bryson/Hooker.

Rodney’s year of Political failure came to an end with two Non-Republicans he was helping in local El Dorado County races who both lost badly.

The source came to me because she wanted to make sure that no other woman was conned by Mr. Stanhope.

It is amazing, because the congressional candidate indicated that the McClintock camp referred Rodney to them. Bryson had known Rodney from years back, McNeal as well. Mr. Stanhope is effective at talking a good game and getting hired.

It is also my opinion that he works for cash to avoid wage garnishments. This opinion is reinforced by my conversations with the mothers of several of his children.

Several years ago, Rodney left a woman named Debbie J. in Galt pregnant. He married his current wife while she was pregnant. It is my understanding that Debbie J. is still on welfare. She was when I spoke to her in early 2013. Now, his 4th marriage is on the rocks. I have seen two instances of the police being called to their house in the last two years and have heard about several more that I have no proof of.

I was contacted by the source of the above and three other sources that wife #4 has filed for divorce citing marital infidelity amongst other things. I am unsure of how many instances of it she is listing as I know of at least 6. I am not surprised by any of this as marriage #4 started as a result of cheating on the mother of child #8 Debbie J. (I have pieced together that Rodney appears to have 8 Children by 7 Women. Only he knows for real as many of his kids he has seen rarely if at all)

Which leads me to Discovery Petitions. They are running the plastic bag ban referendum signature drive. They are needing to hire precinct walkers as the unionized grocery stores have whored themselves out knowing they will get to pocket the $.10 bag tax. Thus, the proponents need to go door-to-door.

I was told by others that I know that Rodney was able to catch on with Discovery Petitions, because like so many before, they did not do any sort of background investigation.

I also hope that for a change – instead of being stubborn morons, that the tea party idiots that are enabling this disaster would at least find another candidate to run against Harmeet Dhillon. It is getting old seeing the Tea Party emulate the behavior of Obama, continuing to double down on failure so as to not have to admit a mistake.

Why does Rodney keep finding enablers? Why did Discovery Petitions hire him? Why does Rodney still have support for his Vice-Chair Run?

Maybe the California GOP deserves him.

Why am I wasting my time writing this piece, knowing full well that Rodney Stanhope will never stop conning people until the day his addictions overtake his life?

Try talking to all the women I’ve talked to. Either you shut them out – or you try to use your platform to help. I sincerely hope that the word will really get out and the people in the political establishment from the Tea Party to major consulting firms will stop enabling this to continue.

You read it here first.

Several sources from the inside of politics are buzzing that Dave Titus is starting to make the rounds.

This makes sense on several fronts:

It is consistent with the betrayal of John Allard by Steve Davey/Ted Gaines in favor of Beth Gaines some years ago when Mrs. Gaines won the seat based 100% on her name ID, using the pull of her husband to pin down donors and would-be endorsers. With the seat open – but Ted still being an incumbent, and favoring Titus, the dynamic would be similar.

1. Dave Titus is Beth Gaines’ Chief of Staff. Again, is a similar dynamic to a husband / wife legislator scenario.

2. Steve Davey has demonstrated an almost clinical level of paranoia since being Ted Gaines Chief of Staff, suggesting that the list of candidates that would be acceptable and/or trusted would be very small.

3. Dave Titus also ran for assembly years ago, losing to Chuck Quackenbush.

The scenario is complete and makes perfect sense.

I will say this, I do not have the same contempt for Dave Titus that I do for Beth Gaines. I will take a wait and see attitude about Mr. Titus, his campaign, etc…

… consider this the latest installment of arranging the deck chairs on the CAGOP Titanic.

Well gheez. Let me summarize for those of you with short attention spans. Pro-Life Conservatives romped all over the country. In California, the selected / preferred candidates were not Conservatives. Doug Ose, Jeff Gorrell, Brian Nestande and the extreme leftist Carl DiMaio were the preferred nominees for Congress.

Granted, I warmed up to the point of personally endorsing Doug Ose, and I also liked Jeff Gorrell a lot as well. But, all four of them lost.

I spoke to a Republican Consultant with connections all over the Country who told me that the big money was staying out of California or was withdrawing from California. This conversation was in Mid-September. The money people made a conscious decision to withdraw from California.

In addition – many of these moderate candidates for various reasons were not able to unify their base. Doug Ose, Jeff Gorrell and Carl DiMaio received millions in support. They all lost – Ose by the slimmest of margins.

However, four Conservatives running in races that were not regarded as top-tier did almost as well as the leading moderates did (all out performed DiMaio) with little or no funding! These would be Chris Mitchum, Dan Logue, Tony Amador and Paul Chabot. All four were unabashed social conservatives and all performed as well as other socially liberal candidates who were fully funded.

Let’s separate out Carl DiMaio – he was a disaster from the word go. It appears from people I have spoken to that he decided to run and was not recruited. However, the attention he got was absurd considering that the opposition research file on him is hundreds of pages and appears to lay out a pattern of sexual deviance. DiMaio was so far left on so many issues that a wide-range of people got sick to their stomachs and stayed home – this before the ghastly details of his behavior came out.

Brian Nestande in CA-36 was favored over Paul Chabot in CA-31. Nestande, a tax-raising liberal Republican got hammered. The DCCC / Pelosi PAC spent $2 million attacking Chabot and still only got a marginal victory for their man. The NRCC moved their HQ out of Chabot’s district to Nestande’s. As of the writing of this blog – Chabot is within 4 points.

Jeff Gorrell was an excellent candidate and the democrats ran a successful campaign against him using the flaws of another candidate on the ballot in order to suppress voter turnout among seniors. Again, however – there was a vicious and brutal primary in the accompanying assembly district that the wounds were not healed from. It took Gorrell down as well.

Doug Ose had a very liberal record when he served in Congress. He won a spirited primary against Igor Birman (who I supported). In this case – Doug Ose did reach out to groups hostile to him in the primary. The CRA took the unusual move of Post-Primary endorsing Doug Ose as a sign of party unity. However, many tea parties refused to return Ose’s phone calls and many organized an effort to sabotage Doug Ose’s campaign. As of the writing of this blog – there are about 6500 under-votes in the CA-07 race, suggesting that the Tea Party effort succeeded in re-electing liberal democrat Ami Bera. (Ose is losing by roughly 700 votes and will likely lose by about 1500 when the count is complete)

For various reasons – the Conservatives were thrown to the wolves. It was the prevailing wisdom that CA-03 (Dan Logue) was un-reachable because of the 10 point spread – now go explain Johnny Tacherra in CA-16… pro-life, pro-prop-8 and got within a couple hundred votes of entrenched incumbent Jim Costa in a -15 dem district? Tacherra was on no one’s radar. He is an unabashed conservative – endorsed pre-primary by the CRA.

Paul Chabot in CA-31 was given up for dead when he beat lobbyist and Washington DC insider Lesli Gooch in the CA-31 Primary. The DCCC hammered Chabot with Radio, TV and by Chabot’s count 26 pieces of mail. Chabot, a hard-core conservative came within 4 points.

Chris Mitchum and Tony Amador won contested primaries in CA-24 and CA-09 respectively – both came within 5 points of their dem incumbent opponents. In the case of Mitchum, the DCCC actually spent money against him!

No one gave Logue, Mitchum, Amador, Tacherra or Chabot the time of day – and their performance in the absence of funding indicates they would have won even with token amounts of help.

The big money people wrote off California.

The reasons why are not what many will say on the surface. The powers to be in California did not take a thorough enough look at the candidates and districts. I do not have enough data to suggest that GOP leadership discriminated against Conservatives.

Wealthy Financier Charles Munger did in state races. But, he is not the GOP leadership – despite the claims of some. Munger did not play IE’s in any congressional races in 2014 in California. Mr Munger lost roughly 80% of the races he spent in – but two key wins in dem-leaning districts he contributed significant IE’s to.

Congressional Races are more of a national flavor – people vote based on the direction of the country. This is the dynamic that IMO, the CA GOP leadership missed when picking their targets. All over the nation – Pro-Life and Pro-Family Conservatives destroyed their opponents.

I’d also be remiss if I did not mention that the “fit the district” argument is something that many in CA GOP leadership overuse. I believe that the candidate themself is far more important than the social issue demagoguery that sometimes happens in a campaign.

Look at NV-04. Right-Wing Conservative Rancher Crescent Hardy Took out Stephen Horsford a first term congressman that was a former speaker of the Nevada House. The district? -14 dem.

Instead, in California – we had some seriously flawed candidates who appear to have been poorly vetted by a shallow set of qualifications. Ugh. Or, worse, we had to react and deal with whomever ran…

Meanwhile – Paul Chabot, Johnny Tacherra, Chris Mitchum, Tony Amador and to a lesser extent Dan Logue all got left in the lerch and all could have won where their more moderate, more favored counterparts lost.



As of 11/9  - the Placer County Elections Office has Measure B passing with 62.35% of the vote.

This is an absolute landslide. You would think in a conservative county like Placer, that a measure that gives the County Supervisors a 138% pay raise would be stillborn.

Like anything on the ballot – see also Prop 47 that will put tens of thousands of dirtbags back on the streets – its’ mere presence is a threat.

In years’ past – the Placer GOP Central Committee has been a lightening rod and tremendously effective.

In 2008, the Placer GOP defied the establishment and endorsed Tom McClintock over Doug Ose. Tom Hudson was the Chairman at that time.

As a result of said endorsement – Republican electeds like Ted Gaines and Roger Niello both pulled their funding for voter registration bounty – because Central Committees “were not supposed to endorse”. Since that time the local electeds and the Placer  GOP had been at odds until $85k of outside money came in and blew several “Undesireables” out of the Placer GOP in 2012.

I have told the story repeatedly about the chain of events surrounding Doug LaMalfa’s senate campaign, the un proven charges and the idiots in the local tea parties that were recruited in a Jihad against the leadership of the Central Committee, but…

… The other side of the lynching of the Conservatives off of the Placer GOP Central Committee by Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines, Jim Nielsen, Doug LaMalfa and GOP Leadership (funded by Charles Munger at the behest of someone who may or may not have been Connie Conway to avenge Beth Gaines) has now come home to roost.

The majority on the Central Committee are Tea Partiers that are still under the effects of their brainwashing. They vote in lock-step with the do-nothing Moderate Leadership. And, while Dennis Revell was quoted recently talking about how liberal Art Moore is, do not forget, Revell is a social liberal and his closest allies on the Cent Com are open in their hostility towards religious Conservatives.

The Tea Partiers did next to nothing in Placer County. Ed Rowen – who had his character assassinated by Dennis Revell only a few months earlier, led volunteers to walk 35 precincts for Tom McClintock. By himself, Mr. Rowen, the President of the Placer CRA, who was specifically targeted by Dennis Revell and the Tea Partiers on the Placer GOP Cent Com – outperformed the entire Central Committee’s volunteer effort.

However, Beth Gaines, Ted Gaines, Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa in particular needed to make sure that they had their revenge for the PCRA and its’ members not supporting any of them despite the fact that none of them have done a thing for the Placer GOP – in fact, they gutted the Placer GOP Cent Com and did less than nothing for the GOP in Placer County now.

When Jeff Atteberry was told he was done as Cent Com Chairman, he was told that the $40k he had raised as Cent Com Chair was a failure. Please note that had it not been for a golf tournament run by CRA Member Ken Hubert – the Placer GOP Cent Com would have raised negative money and to this day, the dwindling balance in the accounts were left over from the ousted PCRA Leadership.

But Gaines, Gaines, Nielsen and LaMalfa got their revenge. Apparently, in their mind, who cares if the local party is dead as long as people they don’t like are not a part of it?

Meantime – Measure B Passed in a landslide.

You see, the Cent Com Railroaded a no on B position without ever giving the yes side a chance to speak. Tom Hudson and Ken Campbell, arguably the two most Conservative activists in Placer County, both former Cent Com Chairs were the leaders of the No on B campaign. You would think that two men with their influence, backed by an official GOP endorsement in a GOP year would have slain Measure B.

They had no back up from the Cent Com. While the local Tea Parties were furious over the “Pay Raise Thing”, they did next to nothing. This could have been the Placer GOP’s chance to shine. Instead, it exposed the ineptitude of the Placer GOP Cent Com.

The one piece of mail that was sent was basically paid for by Tom McClintock. There were some poorly homemade signs about No on B done independently, there was an email from Tom Hudson and a Robo-Call from Tom Hudson and that was the extent of the No on B campaign.

The Placer GOP Central Committee did no phone banking, walked no precincts and donated nothing to or for local elected candidates. Is this what Gaines, Gaines, LaMalfa and Nielsen wanted?

The Central Committee has become so ineffective that the Vice-Chair of the County Party (Mike Holmes)was defeated for re-election to the Auburn City Council!

The leadership of the GOP have a hard choice to make – reconcile with the people they have disagreed with in the past – or continue to #EPICFAIL. It really isn’t that hard.

However, the GOP leadership have an immediate problem on the Placer GOP. They need to get rid of Dennis Revell. He has failed miserably. His record is as follows:

$2k raised in two years. (Outside of McClintock effort for mailer)

Attacking and alienating the best volunteer in Placer County who single-handedly outperformed the entire Central Committee’s Volunteer Effort.

Inability to muster volunteers. The Placer GOP did no phone-banking and no precinct walking at all in 2014 for the local electeds at all.

The Vice Chair of the Central Committee Losing Re-Election for Auburn City Council.

Not a single dollar contributed to a Placer GOP endorsed candidate while the Dem Cent Com handed out nearly $5k.

Measure B passes with 62+% of the vote despite the heroic efforts of Ken Campbell and Tom Hudson.

The above is the definition of failure.

I am not suggesting that I am the solution. I named my kidney stones after Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa for pete’s sake and worked for Beth and Ted’s primary opponents in 2012! Rather, the immediate answer to the Placer GOP’s leadership problem is within its’ own ranks.

With the humiliation of Mike Holmes and Dennis Revell, Tom Hudson and Ken Campbell could be the exact back to the future that the Placer GOP needs.

The last time GOP registration grew was under Ken Campbell’s tenure. He is a donor to all my favorite partisan electeds. Ken Campbell got it done, the GOP needs him back. Tom Hudson would be excellent as a #2. Tom is #2 material all the way with his knowledge of the CRP apparatus, the bevy of by-laws and campaign finance laws.

Ken Campbell is deep within the national ranks of the Tea Party. If anyone could rally the tea party to get off the overpasses and in to donating money and manning phone banks, it is Ken.

It is time to go back to the future. The Placer GOP should never be in a place again when a grotesque waste of money like measure B passes with the GOP powerless to do anything about it.

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