So – Rodney’s Facebook Siccophants organized a complaint campaign to get the page suspended and my alternate facebook account suspended.

However, they, like so many others have tried – but can not silence the Right on Daily Blog. I was only passively interested in the Vice Chair Race… now it is time to beat the stuffing out of Mr. Stanhope again. #crankupthegop

I wonder how many Tea Parties will support him this time. It is also obvious that this was a play for the LGBT vote. I doubt they will be buying in anytime soon.

If Rene Aguilera’s Racist tendencies weren’t bad enough, his entitlement mentality comes out loud and clear in the way he lives.

While using his expired corporation (expired because he failed to pay the filing fees and failed to file a tax return) – he also used your’s and my tax dollars to enrich himself.

1. He was planning a Cesar Chavez Day Event in 2013 using RJUHSD resources. He set off the Alarm on campus at 4:30 AM!

2. He sent out 12,000 emails from the RJUHSD Email system soliciting donations for his expired corporation.

Both the above actions are illegal by themselves, over and above using the expired corporation. If he was soliciting donations claiming them to be tax-deductible, then we have wire fraud in addition to the previously suggested issues.

3. Rene Aguilera defaulted on his mortgage.

4. Rene Aguilera’s lifelong pattern of not paying his bills continued with a default judgement being entered in against him for walking away from a $15,000 loan and simply stopping making the payments. The Judgement against Rene Aguilera sits to this day and has been sold off to a collection agency.

… yet somehow Rene Aguilera manages to go to Washington D.C. on junkets to advocate on behalf of far-left groups!

All the above and Rene Aguilera’s house has been visited by the Roseville Police Department a staggering 44 times since 1/1/2013.

Rene Aguilera even lets homeless people pitch tents in the backyard of his home – in addition to all the drug activity referenced in the police logs!

Rene Aguilera must believe he is above the law. He uses an expired corporation, travels America on phantom resources, looks like he is avoiding paying a judgement he owes and appears to be harboring a known narcotics dealer at his home!

… and he thinks you should vote for him.


The Sacramento Bee story was weak.

The CBS 13 Story was way better.

However, no one covers the Rene Aguilera Experience like the League of Placer County Taxpayers.

Rene Aguilera can run, but he can’t hide.

This mailer memorializes Rene Aguilera’s $18,100 judgement and also the incredible 44 times his home has been visited by the police.

Remember the walrus that ran against Kirk Uhler in 2012?

Pam Tobin is going psycho because it appears that her boorish and excessive drama-laden tirades have worn thin on a lot of people who are trying to cut the fat in the San Juan Water District. Remember the stories about how she harasses her neighbors? Apparently she went to the same finishing school as the chair of the no on anything good for Placer County campaign… but I digress.

I was sent a thread that details how Pam Tobin uses the FPPC as a weapon (similar to Cheryl Bly-Chester who supported her run for supervisor) against political opponents.

The thread starts with this missile from Pamela Tobin:

Hi Tom,

From what I am hearing, you’ve been very busy with campaigning against San Juan with your own slate to further your agenda.  Really not surprised by this, however, you may be crossing ethical lines and there are rules about that, which I am willing to push!  Be careful!

Pamela E. Tobin, Director

San Juan Water District

9935 Auburn-Folsom Rd

Granite Bay, CA 95746

District Office:(916) 791-0115

Cell: (916) 275-0875

Maybe Pam Tobin has taken too many queues from her Husband. However for putting something like this in writing, she would be the front-runner for Placer County Idiot of the Year had it not been for her fellow communist Rene Aguilera.

Tom (Gray) the Executive Director of the Fair Oaks Water District wrote a priceless response, directed to someone in the Sacramento County Elections Department and Cc’ed to everyone on Pam Tobin’s original threat E-Mail:


I received the email below from Ms. Pam Tobin – a member of the San Juan Water District Board of Directors. It seems that she is concerned about my involvement with the upcoming election for the San Juan water District Board of Directors. I wanted to report her concerns directly to the Sacramento County Elections office. I do not know of anything that I am doing unethical or wrong. If you uncover anything please inform me immediately and I will stop.


1.      I am the General Manager of the Fair Oaks Water District, which is a wholesale customer of the San Juan Water District

2.      I am a residential retail customer of the San Juan Water District

3.      Both incumbents and new candidates have contacted me seeking my personal endorsement

4.      I have gathered and provided information relative to the SJWD election as requested by FOWD Board members

5.      I have provided publicly available information as requested by any SJWD candidate

6.      I have provided my personal opinions relative to the SJWD election when asked by members of the public


I believe Brad is a good contact at the Sacramento County elections office to report your concerns.


Tom R. Gray

General Manager

Fair Oaks Water District

10326 Fair Oaks Boulevard

Fair Oaks, CA 95628

(916) 967-5723

“ It is amazing what can be accomplished when you don’t care who gets the credit”

Whomever this Tom Gray guy is, he deserves a medal for humiliating Tobin. However, Tobin, like Bly-Chester just can’t stand the thought of anyone getting the last word (especially someone male) – so she doubles down on stupid:

Dear Tom:

Brad may be a good contact for you to ask questions of, but the fair political practices commission is who I’ve contacted and they are the folks who enforce the rules.


Then one of Tobin’s fellow Board Members David Peterson finishes with the epic BEAT DOWN:


You really should study up on this.  Your ignorance of political ethics is a little embarrassing.  Your false accusations leveled at Ken and I in the last Placer County supervisor election were laughable.  Fortunately,  the FPPC set you straight with a few words and a dismissal of the official complaint you brought against each of us.  I think about that baseless complaint often.

But evidently you didn’t get it,  and now you make false threats to Tom.  Tom is acting within his rights as a citizen and ratepayer.  Please continue.  Yes, continue to define yourself.

For those of you scoring at home – that is at least three FPPC complaints with the Walrus’ fingerprints on them.

There is also a nice, fat, threat in the thread as well…

It also looks like Pam Tobin is still sore from the colossal ass-whuppin she got in 2012. (I am referring to the severity of the electorial beat-down, not the surface area)

It looks like this Obama supporter is in the fight of her political life. Here’s to the good guys performing a walrus extraction off of the San Juan Water Board…

This is not a tax lien. This is not some sort of “Misunderstanding”. This is a default judgement against Rene Aguilera. The attached documents are from the County of Placer.

Rene Aguilera is proving by his life’s pattern of behavior to not be a good person at all, and certainly not deserving of office.

A default judgement occurs when you refuse to do something and usually occurs when you choose not to defend yourself from the accusation of those seeking said judgement against you.

Here are the facts as I read them from the documents:

Rene Aguilera took out an $18,000 high risk loan with Beneficial Financial for an interest rate of 28.9%. Somehow, he was able to do it without putting his home up as collateral.

The documents indicate multiple attempts to communicate with Rene Aguilera by the creditor.

The documents indicate no response from Rene Aguilera whatsoever.

The documents indicate that the debt was sold off 3/28/2014 or simply assigned to – to a collection agency in Walnut Creek, California. The County of Placer filed the documents in June.

So, Rene Aguilera appears to have failed to file a corporate tax return nor paid corporate filing fees causing H.E.A.R. to get suspended by the California Secretary of State.

In 2009, he defaulted on his first mortgage

In 2011, he defaulted on this loan and got a default judgement entered against him

In 2013, Rene Aguilera got fined for concealing free meals off of his form 700

In 2014, Rene Aguilera’s current form 700 lists no income and no assets and has nothing indicating how he is paying for multiple trips to Washington D.C…

… yet here sits this $18,000 judgement against Rene Aguilera that has gone unpaid, un-acknowledged and not acted upon at all.

I have written previously that my investigations of Aguilera indicate that he appears to have little or nothing in his name and that the sources of his income, if any, appear to be hidden. I believe this is a deliberate act and this $18,000 judgement is why.

That’s right – it looks like Rene Aguilera is attempting to hide from a creditor that he ripped off for a $15k loan. Yes, I wrote ripped off – when you borrow from someone and then don’t pay it back, that is stealing.

When you raise money for a non-profit with an expired corporation license and don’t tell anyone that non-profit is expired, that is lying aka fraud

When you use the school district’s computers, etc. to plan non-school district events, that is called misappropriation of government funds.

When your Nephew is dealing dope out of your home and you do nothing about it, that is called being an accessory.

More on the Rene Aguilera experience to follow…

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