You can learn a lot from someone’s Facebook.

I mean – I post about my vacations, hikes, my wife, Insurance, you know – the things that are important to me.

Rene posts about all the junkets he goes on to Washington D.C. to meet people like Michelle Obama.

He also posts about his “membership” in a host of organizations – like MALDEF.

MALDEF is a far left organization that specializes in lawsuits. Lawsuits are the preferred method of the left to advance their agenda. Abortion was instituted by Judges, not the legislature for example.

If you look that the website of MALDEF – you will see the talk about a Toolkit for Childhood arrivals – suggesting that MALDEF was prepared by the Obama administration for the wave of immigrants that was triggered by Obama’s statements suggesting blanket amnesty for anyone that made it here.

I find it ironic that Canadians trying to cross illegally are immediately deported, but not people from the south. Why doesn’t MALDEF advocate for poor, oppressed Canadians?

What they do advocate for is blanket Amnesty.

I am an outspoken supporter of Immigration Reform. I believe that a non-politicized pathway to citizenship is the way to go. I believe that democrats like Rene Aguilera are dead wrong because they believe that the illegal immigrants can be told white Republicans are racists and they hate you – thus recruiting a generation of democrat voters.

I also believe that corporations are equally as evil as they want the cheap labor.

Immigrants are people, not recruits for a political agenda. However, by not using the process – they are breaking the law… laws enacted during the administration of one of Rene Aguilera’s heros, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

That’s correct – the racist quotas and the location specific roadblocks to legal immigration were put in place by Aguilera’s fellow democrats…

… and today Rene Aguilera goes on paid junkets to advocate for blanket amnesty, while lying and blaming Republicans for the problem.

This is the life of a professional permanent volunteer lobbyist whose way is paid by others.

Take a look at the priorities of MALDEF and ask yourself if these match yours:


And of course they rely on the same whacked out county that indicted Rick Perry to help carry their water:


Read MALDEF’s website for yourself – look at all the lawsuits – then ask yourself, do you want a lobbyist that goes to Washington D.C. on behalf of these people on your city council?

Rene Aguilera is not just a democrat – he lives on the fringes of society and somehow got himself elected in Placer County by an unsuspecting public.

In our expose’ on career politician Rene Aguilera, we have detailed:

His Seven (!) Runs for Office – including three mid-term, suggesting he could care less about the office he is in, or any other office for that matter.

His three trips – two as a delegate – to the Democrat National Convention.

His extensive list of far left endorsements like the SEIU and the Progressive Alliance.

His apparent Race-Baiting and Racism.

His form 700 which lists no job and candidate statement with gross exaggerations about his volunteer service.

His expired corporation for failure to pay.

… and now we have this: (credit, Roseville Press-Tribune)

According to the FPPC, Rene Aguilera failed to disclose four meals totaling $338.93 while serving on the Roseville City School District board of trustees. His penalty is listed as $200.

“I received a letter (about the violation) and complied by paying the $200 as soon as I found out,” Aguilera told the Press Tribune.

Aguilera is one of 86 public officials statewide accused of failing to report meals or other gifts in excess of $50, as required by the Political Reform Act. The commission will consider the item at its Nov. 14 meeting.

Aguilera spent a decade serving on the Roseville City School District board of trustees before earning a seat in the November 2012 election on the Roseville Joint Union High School district school board.

The FPPC’s investigation traces back to January 2012, when the commission’s enforcement division received information from the Ventura District Attorney’s Office that search warrants executed throughout City Hall had uncovered evidence of unreported gifts, according to the report.

Let’s see – fails to pay his bills? Lies in his form 700 candidate statement? Slammed for Ethics Violations?

Rene Aguilera has no platform from which to speak about anything of governance as it appears he refuses to manage his own affairs.

Looks like Rene Aguilera is the total package… and he should be defeated for Roseville City Council with extreme prejudice and then voted out of office thereafter.

… just like no job, no donors.

It is a full-time job living off of the system at 136 Donner Avenue.

With a record 92,269,000 people NOT in the workforce, Aguilera is doing HIS part. His idol Obama has led the US economy to equal a 36 year high in the rate of non-working people…

… and I am sure if Rene was President, he’d have his secretary of labor lie about the statistics to make people think unemployment was at 7%. But, I digress.

Today’s installment of the Tour-de-Aguilera is his first campaign filing. (other than the form 700 listing no assets and no job) And – remember, it is pronounced aggie-lair-uh for you insensitive gringos out there.

On 9/1/2014 – he got $450 from the Placer County Dem Central Committee. (That is $450 more than Susan Rohan will get from the Placer GOP Cent Com. )

He got donations from Two Lawyers (btw, Big Daddy Jack Duran, Aggie’s buddy and District One Placer Supervisor is also a Lawyer… in case I forgot to tell you…)

Aguilera got donations from Bricklayers and Pipefitters. Bricks and Pipes, makes sense.

… and $500 from a little old lady in Smartville.

However, not a single Donor is from Roseville. Rene Aguilera has lived in Roseville his whole life, where are the donors???

Here is what is really cool – look at the expenditures. There is a reimbursement to a Gloria Ronning apparently also living at 136 Donner Avenue. Does Rene have a girlfriend? Inquiring Bloggers want to know.

The expenses also include the usual stuff – including buying a precinct list of Roseville. I do know that the data the county sells can be unwieldy, so I am wondering how an unemployed man with an expired corporation will be able to use and manipulate the data? (more on that soon)

Pictured here – Andy Sheehy, James “Brian” Vlahos, Richard Rocucci, Todd Stenhouse and Rene Aggielairuh.

For those of you unaware – Todd Stenhouse is the top Democrat operative in Placer County. Richard Rocucci is an on-again-off-again “Republican”.

Vlahos is a good dude, but a union leftie. Andy Sheehy was run out of the democrat Party by the extremism of people like Aguilera and Obama.

This picture was taken at the Northern California Carpenters Political Gathering during Richard Pan’s first run for Assembly when the caucus spent $6 million getting him elected.

The aforementioned Pan is in this picture with Aggielairuh, Rocucci and Big Daddy Jack Duran.

You see – Placer County’s democrats have to go elsewhere to meet democrat candidates for partisan office.

Here is Rene Aguilera again, highlighted on the SEIU 1000 site flogging a Cesar Chavez Day event.

Next is a link to the California Labor Federation endorsing Rene Aguilera in 2010 for whatever office he was running for them.

So – we have the SEIU, the Carpenters and the California Labor Federation… and not to be left out, the progressive alliance.

Wecome to the PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE. We are a multi-racial, multi-issue “rainbow coalition” dedicated to the struggle for social justice and peace. Our key priorities include economic justice for working families; equal rights and equal opportunities for all of God’s children regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation; international solidarity; humanitarian service; eradicating poverty at home and abroad; environmental protection and sustainable development; and electing progressives to public office and then holding them accountable.

Got all that? They are socialists and they like Rene Aguilera, which makes sense given that it looks like Aguilera does not have a job (none listed on his form 700) and the last “job” he had was for an expired corporation for failure to pay.

I’d suggest that the progressive alliance look more closely in to Rene Aguilera’s “record” of Humanitarian Service.

This site also has a link to everyone’s favorite communist Van Jones (the dude that called Republicans assholes) and Occupy Sacramento (they of the defacating on the American Flag).

Rene Aguilera keeps some damn interesting company when he thinks no one is watching.

We have learned so far that:

Rene Aguilera does not have a job, and likely lives off of the system.

Rene Aguilera runs for office anywhere and everywhere – suggesting he could care less about the constituency of whatever district, organization or city he is running in.

Rene Aguilera by reputation is regarded as a racist or at least a race-baiter.

Rene Aguilera is a card-carrying far-left democrat activist who has been to at least the last three DNC conventions – two as a delegate.

Rene Aguilera is associated with an organization called: Hispanic Empowerment Organization of Roseville or HEAR.

There are references to this group on the internet going back several years.

However, it is not listed as Rene Aguilera’s “employer” on his form 700. Why? Because it appears to be a fraud, er. a shell.

It is commonplace in politics for people to embellish their resumes or to create bogus groups in order to buttress their campaigns.

Rene Aguilera’s corporation was suspended for FAILURE TO PAY. That’s right – whilst running for office a bazillion times, rather than do it the right way and shut it down… he just blew off the Secretary of State’s office.

You are going to find a disturbing trend in the behavior of Rene Aguilera. He smacks of the classic entitlement mentality citizen.

Some may question why I call Rene Aguilera a racist or a race-baiter. I believe that Rene Aguilera is part of MEChA or MAPA. Both organizations preach that Mexicans must fight against the “genocide” that is being perpetrated on them by white people – I witnessed this first-hand is as a teenaged college student when I went to rallies as part of my assignments for Chicano-Latino Studies.

A far-right blog caught Aguilera in the act.

The leader of Latin American Mexican Brotherhood and the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA), Nativo López, indicated that the young voters can make the difference in the electoral mobilization.

‘In this electoral year we should move and act as a united family and no one is left behind’, indicated López, who considered that another of the issues that will be emphasized in the debate will be driver’s licenses for ILLEGAL aliens.

Among the organizations that will attend the event are the Willie C. Velásquez Institute, the League of Latin American United Citizens (LULAC), the Mexican american Educational and Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF) and the National Network of Day Laborers (NDLON).

As well as the Hispanic Federation, the Educational Project of Registration of Voters of the Southwest (SVREP), the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC) and the Hispanic National Council on Environment (NHEC).

The blog goes on to write that Rene Aguilera is on the list of endorsers of this movement.

Someone should ask Rene Aguilera about the “reconquista” and the treaty of Gaudalupe-Hidalgo. The new Common Core history books will be teaching white guilt and that the USA stole the land from Mexico (as versus Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna being the aggressor), and I am wondering if Aguilera helped write them.

Someone living off of the system who is at best a race-baiter and at worst a full-blown racist is out of touch with Placer County (and America for that matter) and needs to be relegated to an insane asylum.

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