Again – many things in John Moorlach’s Record Suggest that he is squishy on a variety of issues, or perhaps he spends too much time thinking.

5/18/98 – John Moorlach publicly spoke out against a proposed Bill from Tom McClintock (then of Garden Grove) to abolish the Car Tax.

According to California Public Finance in an article entitled, Opponents Trade Jabs on Car Tax Bill… Moorlach publicly opined on the effects to the County Budget of Replacing or Repealing the Car Tax. When Coupled with his previous comments about the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax… there is a pattern here folks.

Moorlach’s comments were about the negative impacts on county revenue that would occur from repealing this unpopular tax.

The pattern of John Moorlach’s sometimes bizarre public statements continues in 2010 when he just got hammered by Scott Moxley and the OC Weekly for defending convicted felon Mike Corona.

Mike Corona is the disgraced former Sheriff of Orange County who got convicted of Corruption. We even heard about this case in spades even in my neck of the woods.

Lastly – Republican, turned Libertarian Steven Greenhut Unloaded on John Moorlach in 2009.

Moorlach appeared to flip on the Death Penalty – letting his Chief of Staff at the time (who is a liberal) go on a rampage:

“Given Mr. Mainero’s self-proclaimed opposition to the death penalty and your previous admonishment on his injecting it into budget discussions, I considered it inappropriate that this matter was brought forward at this meeting under the guise of a budget issue,” Rackauckas wrote. “In my view, it was not and is not proper that your office attempted to influence the constitutional duties of an elected official in order to obstruct the will of the voters as reflected by California’s very clear laws calling for the death penalty in appropriate circumstances under the cloak of a budget discussion.”

Moorlach Appeared to Squish on the Gun Issue:

Even after Hutchens filled a Board of Supervisors meeting with more than two dozen deputies, including SWAT officers, who questioned and searched peaceful members of a gun-rights group who showed up to speak out against the sheriff’s new policies, Moorlach publicly stood by the sheriff. He stood by her after it was revealed that her deputies used the security cameras to zoom in on the notes and BlackBerry screens of fellow supervisors. He stood by her even after a public records request revealed that sheriff’s officials mocked the people who came to address the board. Moorlach and Mainero told me they agree with my concerns and raised them privately to the sheriff and her command staff, yet the public isn’t privy to such things.

Ironically, Rackauckas and Hutchens have both endorsed Don Wagner who is A rated by all gun rights groups and is unabashedly a social conservative.

Greenhut did not stop there – he continued to unload on Moorlach, blowing him to bits over his support of an absurd and heavy handed campaign finance scheme that I wrote about Previously:

Furthermore, Moorlach and Mainero supported efforts by self-described O.C. campaign-finance watchdog and political activist Shirley Grindle to create a permanent county bureaucracy to monitor campaign violations. It failed, but this put the Moorlach office further at odds with Chris Norby, the libertarian-oriented Republican supervisor who has long taken a principled stand against more government meddling with political speech and financing.

I had previously imagined that Moorlach and Norby would be natural allies, given their political perspectives, and that the key would be peeling away a third vote from among the other supervisors. But as Moorlach has moved in his current direction, the two offices have been at constant odds. In particular, Moorlach and Mainero have resented Norby’s well-known bluntness (Moorlach accuses Norby of being a demagogue).

In activist land – we call this getting vested in your office. I am living with this in my own backyard with a slew of partisan officeholders that have either gone native like Moolach or they vote no on everything and do nothing for their district, leaving local government undefended to fend for themselves.

The CRA endorsed Moorlach. Did they do the same kind of research I did? Did they examine the body of evidence? I seriously doubt it – when I wrote a while ago that John Moorlach is like an actress in her 40′s still trying to dine on her good looks, this is the sort of stuff I was alluding to.

Please remember – the CRA has a right to endorse whomever they damn well please. I am writing as an individual and I will continue to defend the right of legitimate CRA units to disagree with me as they did in SD37.


Ok, that does it. Now, I am irritated.

Not the waffling on a massive sales tax increase, 180 votes to jack the property tax lumber, proposing taxing illegal aliens, calling a restaurant tax increase a fee, attacking term limits, lighting up free speech… all of that is annoying, but taxing Fido? Is there nothing sacred anymore?

Now the family pet has been placed on the tax altar by Moloch.

If you can justify hammering restaurant owners in the name of service – why not by lighting up fido for another $3?

Increases in various pet licensing fees are expected to generate the bulk of the needed money, the staff report said, bringing in an extra $635,000, or 8.6%, more than would be generated by the old fees.

Moloch come for your dog.

Once again, that complete squish Todd Spitzer voted no. It is making me wonder what is wrong with the CRA Scorecard system.

What the heck – let’s throw in a bonus.

John Moorlach also Supported a $3 inmate fee to see a nurse. I suppose we could call that a dirtbag tax.

I still haven’t figured out what to call the proposed $250 per illegal immigrant tax Moorlach proposed.

Don Wagner. Maybe the OC Register doesn’t like him, but the NFIB, the National Small Business Association and a laundry list of taxpayer groups do. Maybe those groups are harboring a resentment over the cost of a Dog License? Who Knows…

Psst… Wagner has a 93% lifetime CRA Score, did I remember to tell you that?

No, Aaron. This is another one of your lies. John Moorlach is a Conservative Icon.

Don Wagner’s 93% CRA Score is BS, the CRA endorsed John Moorlach.

Take a breath everyone – read the Orange County Register. Hell, maybe the OC Register doesn’t even read their own paper before they endorse. Then again, the paper called Wagner a liar for characterizing Fees as Taxes in a lame attempt to defend Moorlach. I guess the Register forgot about Prop 26…

“This is not the right time to increase fees, given the state of the economy,” Supervisor Todd Spitzer said after the meeting. “I don’t see this jeopardizing health at all. There’s no public outcry from the public to increase fees.”

I am now in a time warp – the complete “RINO Squish” Todd Spitzer (who bravely took out the colossal fraud and reputed womanizer Chuck DeVore in his Sup Race) got this one right. The impure Spitzer, whose lifetime CRA Score was also in the low 90′s during his Assembly tenure was telling the OC Register that the time was not now to tax people to pay for more Restaurant Inspections.

This debate occurred in November. This is not some reference to Moorlach pontificating about taxes 20 years ago, or even in 2007… this is 2014. This is what we call a life pattern of Fee/Tax obsession.

The sole supervisor supporting the fee increase was John Moorlach, whose motion to increase fees and implement the red-yellow-green placards died for lack of a second, with no discussion. He was asked about Spitzer’s comment that public health would not be endangered.

Moorlach did not stop there – when questioned about Spitzer’s assertion that public health would not be endangered:

“I’m conservative and don’t support tax increases,” Moorlach said. “But this is not a tax – this is a fee related to a service. The people who benefit from this should be the ones who pay for it.”

Allow me to ask the obvious – did John Moorlach oppose Prop 26 based on the above logic? Prop 26 codified that fees = taxes and take 2/3 vote to increase as the democrats in the state legislature were jacking up entrance fees, tolls, dmv fees, license costs, etc. to try and circumvent Prop 13.

Don Wagner has never voted to raise your “taxes”. There is a difference folks – Moorlach is dining off of his reputation, but simple investigative work exposes the truth.

P.S. Blogger’s Note – the State CRA endorsed John Moorlach and I am sure they did so before they knew what I have found out about Mr. Moorlach. My opinions are my own and the CRA endorsement stands.

Some of you reading may be aware that the official Charter for the Log Cabin Republicans has finally come to the floor of the CAGOP Convention.

I retracted an earlier post about some sort of underhanded moves to try to circumvent the CAGOP By-Laws to get the group chartered. Unlike many in politics, when confronted with the facts, I retracted the post. I blog under my own name for a reason… conservative leaders should be accountable.

Which is what gets me to Karen England and Celeste Greig. They are still frequently quoted by state media. I know why – both of them represent conservatives poorly. With the Log Cabin Charter at the forefront of the news – guess who you see on camera, guess who you see quoted as “representing” Social Conservatives?

They might as well have quoted Orly Taitz.

Greig fulfilled a vital role within CRA before flying the crazy nest – getting quoted in the news media calling CAGOP Vice Chairman Harmeet Dhillon a communist, bizarre rape-related comments and email rantings about Cucarachas.

Karen England was expelled from CRA for 10 years for suing the organization and for committing fraud. What great conservative values.

I did take some pleasure in seeing that Karen is no longer a delegate to the CAGOP as we ran her out of California, but not before her brand of political bile infected the local tea parties and allowed a takeover of the local GOP by the social liberals. (remember, don’t tell those local tea partiers they were used by the left… they are immune to the facts)

Ms. England even claimed, and a lot of her brainwashed brethren in the Tea Party still believe that the FBI came out to her house 4+ years ago to talk about the finances of the local GOP.

Yes, these sorts of insane people hold themselves out to a willing media as conservative leaders.

England and Greig have re-invented themselves inside the Tea Party. They can stay there, they are not welcome in CRA. The CRA upholds the Judeo-Christian Ethic, which means telling the truth in love. This is an anathema to them.

Then add in disgraced former CRA President Steve Frank. As I write this, he is on the floor of the CAGOP Convention forcing debates and floor votes on a series of resolutions that are designed to embarrass the CAGOP. This is what has happened to the Tea Party and why I am witheringly critical of them. They have been hijacked in many areas by psychos, bad operators and charlatans – and worse in their ideological arrogance refuse to acknowledge the obvious reality that 95% of the rest of the world sees clearly.

You don’t advance a damn thing by attacking the “faggits”, the “aliens” or the “welfare queens”. It makes for a great white-trash Deborah Pauly-esque sound-byte that riles up a few fringe wackos… but the rest of us that see the big picture watch the GOP Hemorrhage voter registrations over this sort of immature stupidity.

The California Republican Assembly is and always will be a conservative group. We will always fight for the rights of the defenseless unborn, the rights of American Citizens, the Rule of Law, Family Values vis-a-vis Marriage, Culture, Education… however, many of us in current leadership of the CRA realize that the demise of the CAGOP to 28% was a team effort.

The Conservative leadership of CRA/CAGOP the last 20 years was corrupt in many ways. Not, criminally corrupt, but many of them lived in the same moral relativity that they criticized. Many were promiscuous. Many were and are Alcoholics, closet drug users, and were/are pathological liars.

I believe that Today’s CRA is fighting the final chapters of a battle to emerge from a generation of Conservative leadership that were willing to sacrifice integrity to “beat the bad guys”, to a generation of leaders willing to attract people to our way of thinking by living and practicing the values espoused in the 14 principles of CRA. The current CRA want to be Constructive Conservatives – not a destructive force that burns down the house.

Karen England, Steve Frank and Celeste Grieg are no longer CRA Members or leaders for a variety of reasons – but were they still CRA Members, you could make bank on the fact that they would be fighting for the old ethically-challenged, morally relative way of fighting political battles.

They are no longer compatible with CRA. Conservatives should shun them for the sake of their own movement.

The State of Jefferson Movement is Not Dead – Lassen County did it, we are going to go around Shasta’s Board of Supervisors, they say.

We are going to make a noise and do everything we can to never acknowledge the stupidity of attacking Placer County’s Most Conservative Supervisor.

Jefferson is not dead! (We don’t need Kirk Uhler).

It is sad really, instead of engaging in the activities that win elections – many have gotten new meaning in their life from a movement that is destined to be still-born.

When not engaged in ruining GOP Central Committees and organizations, they are out standing on overpasses or organizing lynch mobs for people that disagree with them.

It is actually sad, very sad – Tom McClintock had to prop-up the tea party controlled Placer GOP Central Committee and basically fund their operation in Placer. If the Tea Partiers dedicated half their energy to trying to build the GOP instead of tilting at windmills, they would be dynamic. If they vetted their attacks, and actually made them accurate and factual – they would be deadly.

The dirty little secret is even if you could get the California Legislature and Congress to sign off on the resolution (won’t happen), the State of Jefferson is dead without Placer County. Period. No amount of overpasses and spin can change this. The NorCal Tea Party is stuck – they are going to have to admit they lied and retract the attack against Kirk Uhler before they can expect to get anywhere.

Do the NorCal Tea Party think ANY Placer Supervisor will work with them after the way they treated Kirk? Are they really that arrogant?

The sad thing is – I agree with the concept of the State of Jefferson. I agree with the Tea Party Mission. I take umbrage at their naivete and how easily led they are by bad operators as well as the implied ideological superiority exhibited by many in their leadership. Simply practicing the basic concepts of inter-personal relations would solve a lot of it.

Day 19 of the Uhler Lie

4 Years, 4 Months of the Placer Central Committee Money Laundering Lie.

Only they can stop it.

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