Jim Nielsen is another guy that I have been outspokenly critical of. I had been witheringly critical of Mr. Nielsen for talking conservative in the district and being anything but at the capitol.

Here is proof that the Older, Wiser Jim Nielsen has gotten more conservative with age and his actions circa 2013-2014 do not match everything I had learned about him from the years prior.

I have no illusions of ever being on friendly terms with Nielsen or his staff – that bridge was torched years ago. This endorsement is to thank Jim for doing the right thing, not to try to curry favor.

Please vote Jim Nielsen for Senate if you live in Roseville or the surrounding areas.

For Immediate Release
October 20, 2014
Contact: (530) 289-6857

Senator Nielsen Earns California Taxpayers
Association 100 Percent Pro-Taxpayer Voting Record

SACRAMENTO – The California Taxpayer’s Association (CalTax), the state’s oldest and largest organization representing taxpayers, has named Senator Jim Nielsen among its 25 state legislators to receive a perfect score for his voting record to protect taxpayers and oppose wasteful government spending.

“I am honored that the California Taxpayers Association has chosen to recognize me for the hard work I put in every day fighting for taxpayers,” said Senator Nielsen. “We are fortunate to have organizations like CalTax that are continuously working to ensure that more of our hard-earned money stays in our pockets and does not end up being wasted by big government.”

The score was calculated based on Senator’s Nielsen’s votes on high priority legislation identified by CalTax that would have a lasting impact on California’s tax structure, and that would affect economic certainty, equity, transparency and the complexity of California taxes.

The full CalTax 2014 Voting Record can be viewed here.

Elected to the State Senate in January 2013, Senator Nielsen proudly represents the citizens of Butte, Colusa, Del Norte, Glenn, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Shasta, Siskiyou, Sutter, Tehama, Trinity and Yuba counties. Jim and his wife Marilyn Nielsen live in Gerber, California. He has two daughters, three sons and three grandchildren.

For more information on Senator Nielsen’s reelection campaign, please visitwww.nielsenforsenate.com.

We start with Rene Aguilera’s form 700. It lists no job and no income.

Yet somehow Rene Aguilera manages to go on a ton of junkets for far left groups like MALDEF. How does Aguilera pay for all these trips? Why aren’t they on his form 700 if he is freeloading?

The FPPC already has a file on Rene Aguilera, fining him for concealing free meals. So, his behavior is not unprecedented.

Rene Aguilera’s “Corporation” H.E.A.R. has been suspended since 2004. Yet, he is quoted with that organization and he himself has used that name several times since. This would be a violation of the law – when a corporation is suspended, you are forbidden by law from using the name.

Aguilera even got revenue sharing funds while H.E.A.R. was suspended. This would be a felony if indeed HEAR was suspended when the donation came in. (aka Fraud)

Rene Aguilera claims in his candidate statement to have volunteered for every major charity and church in Roseville. This is a bald-faced lie (in the form of an exaggeration). Since, we have repeatedly proven that Aguilera plays fast and loose with the truth – it is fair to call him out on his candidate statement.

Even if, somehow Aguilera’s exaggerated claims in his candidate statement are true – where are his donors from Roseville? Such a great “man of the people” should have a ton of support from Roseville.

Perhaps that is because Rene Aguilera’s behavior shows a pattern of a serial liar, it also shows a pattern of a racist.

There are several places on the internet linking Rene Aguilera to groups like MEChA, which advocates for the “reconquista”, to reunite Aztlan (aka 17 SW US States) with Mexico.

For those of you that have not been brain-damaged with revisionist history written by Aguilera’s fellow extremists, Mexico attacked Texas. Texas, then its’ own country asked the USA to intervene. We did. Mexico lost. And now, 150 years later – we are racist scum in the mind of Rene Aguilera and his pals in MALDEF and MEChA.

Rene Aguilera came out of the closet as a complete racist at a candidate forum. He attacked Roseville on two fronts:

1. He said that Roseville is too expensive for average people to live in. This is a lie perpetrated by the far left to advocate for Central Planning. The concept of Central Planning is to force people out of the suburbs and in to urban high-rises where everyone has the same crappy standard of living.

The racist part of that statement is that most all the areas that the far left attack are mostly white. Roseville is indeed 80% white.

A link to city data shows that Roseville residents are only slightly over the state average in several income categories. Yet the data suggests American Indian and Asian families are the best off in Roseville, not Whites. Perhaps Aguilera hates Asians and American Indians, too? Worse for Aguilera’s race-baiting argument is the fact that income growth in Roseville lagged behind the rest of the state from 2000-2009.

If you look close at Roseville’s Cost of Living – you will see that most of the reason it is rated at 140 with 100 being the national average is housing costs, yet …

… Rene Aguilera says that we need Mello-Roos taxes and to “pay as you go” for development to ensure that even less people can afford a house in Roseville! If you look at the rest of the lines, Roseville is in tune with the cost of living (even somewhat less) than the rest of the state.

2. Rene Aguilera says that we need more diversity in Roseville.This absurd claim was utterly destroyed in a previous post. Start by looking at the City Council – not a single white male on it. (Tim Herman is Jewish)

If Rene Aguilera was actually connected to Roseville for real – he’d probably not have run for City Council, but at the least, he’d probably kick the dope dealer out of his house and stop launching race-baiting / far left attacks at the city.

Part two of the summary on Rene Aguilera is coming up…


Many of you who read this blog know that I have been outspoken in my criticism of Doug Ose. Even though California has a so-called top-two jungle primary, it is still a primary. In most districts, that process still yields two candidates, one from the GOP and one from the Dems.

I needed some reasons to reconcile to Doug Ose after he won the primary.

Doug Ose changed that dynamic when he reached out to CRA in an attempt to see if he could A, get our support and B, attempt to give us a reason to set aside some of our ideological differences in an attempt to do that.

The mere fact that Ose was interested was a stark change from the past. The Doug Ose I was told about was hostile to Conservatives and would never be interested in reaching out to Conservatives…

… yet here we were at a shooting range in the extreme eastern end of Sacramento County – far from the urban bustle that defines the #CA07 Race.

I had been told and the evidence I had told me that Ose was hostile to gun owners, yet here was Doug Ose at a shooting range with a bunch of social conservatives.

There are many other Republicans to the right of Doug Ose who refuse to interact with CRA because they continue to harbor a grudge over past primary fights and disagreements.

Doug Ose stood in front of the gathered and skeptical CRA delegates and told us the truth about where he was aligned and not aligned with CRA. Due in no small part to Ose facing the music so-to-speak, he was endorsed as all gathered agreed that in this case, CRA and Ose needed to come together.

Oh yeah – Doug Ose and I have our disagreements ideologically. But I live in the 48-28 GOP Registration Advantaged 4th Congressional District that is 62% Pro-Life. That isn’t the 7th.

My friend and fellow CRA officer Carl Brickey landed a job working for the California Republican Party and has been spending most of his time at the Doug Ose Headquarters. He encouraged me to come down and pitch in.

I went to Doug Ose’s campaign office yesterday, more to help Carl, a friend of many years in politics. While there, I had a chance to interact with Doug Ose.

It is very hard to see through the fog of war to understand the character of someone you have some significant ideological differences with.

Yet, here was Doug Ose telling me that he had to go to Gibson Ranch to make payroll before heading off to some more events. Here was Doug Ose, Doug Haaland and I talking about real life issues.

Then it hit me. This is the main reason why I could feel comfortable publicly endorsing Doug Ose – two of the very things I despise about most in partisan political office seem to not be present in Mr. Ose. Doug Ose is a real dude, versus being a product of the political apparatus and two, Ose appears to lack the self-serving narcissism that has infected a generation of term-limit babies that are in office now that do nothing but plan their next run for office.

As someone who is a battle-hardened warrior with 17 years of experience in this game, I generally treat candidates with suspicion and disdain while maintaining a polite and engaging exterior.

Doug Ose was himself yesterday at his office and I got a chance to see him for who he really is. I can trust that man to do the right thing despite the fact that I think he is wrong on some issues.

However, his character as I have seen, is why I would encourage anyone else on the right like myself to do anything and everything you can to help elect this guy.

The first pictures were shot while driving by Mr. Ozenick on the drive in between the Sam’s Club Gas Station and the Condo Complex across from it. IT was impossible to stop and photograph the front of the Aguilera Sign However, Aguilera’s Signs are only ones that are one-sided with a wooden stake.

Well – Rene Aguilera has told the media that the campaign against him is a Republican Plot. Aguilera even has lied about that.

Phil Ozenick is a well-known Republican (like Richard Rocucci) both of whom have supported democrats in past campaigns including Aguilera and Big Daddy Jack Duran.

This time, Mr. Ozenick is on camera. At least Rocucci has the integrity to endorse losers publicly – Ozenick is now officially outed.

This first photo is Ozenick’s truck. The second is Mr. Ozenick – look close, you will see the cheap, small one-sided sign. Only one City Council Candidate has signs like that – Mr. Aggie-Lair-Uh.

SO – a sitting Central Committee Member is on Camera supporting a loser that is trying to unseat Republicans all over the County.

This is not the first time a GOP Cent Com Member has supported a liberal democrat. Cheryl Bly-Chester was also supporting Pam Tobin for Placer County Supervisor in 2012 over Kirk Uhler. However, she was never caught.

It makes sense that Rene Aguilera would be a delegate to the Democrat National Convention. He is an experienced liar and victim… no longer.

Phil Ozenick has just torn the façade of partisanship off of the Aguilera Campaign!

———UPDATE – Your intrepid Blogger has gone to the scene of the crime to photograph the evidence so that there is no deniability.

Recognize the Truck Route Sign? Match it with the one depicted above where Mr. Ozenick’s truck is parked. You can see the sign on the ground as Mr. Ozenick did not drive it in to the ground deep enough for it to stay up. (pity)

And here is a close-up of Said Aguilera Sign. Busted.

The Murrieta City Council Race has seen antics and insanity usually reserved for a Congressional Race.

The local media in the Riverside County Area for the most part are completely missing the boat on the race. It showed in the way they reported the Jeff Benson stalking story – they mention that he posted $20,000 bond, however, they sanitized the fact that Benson was arrested on felony charges for making death threats.

As I wrote previously, Jeff Benson has had contact with Lori Stone, the campaign manager of Ruthanne Berger-Taylor… the favorite of the Murrieta establishment.

Taylor is running on a ticket with incumbents Rick Gibbs and Mayor Alan Long. Long himself was arrested last night on Felony DUI charges for blowing a .07 (still a crime called wet and reckless) that was elevated to a felony charge based on serious injuries including one reported broken neck to the four victims.

Rick Gibbs was in a different article inexplicably defending Alan Long while being deign to mention the victims.

When I signed on to help Jonathan’s Campaign professionally, I had no clue at all what I was getting in to. There is far, far more to this campaign that will be told after the election is over.

Enter Lisa Vinton, Campaign Stalker.

Lisa Vinton is a reality TV star. She starred in the show World’s Strictest Parents. My profile of her is that she sees herself as a crusader and destroying Jonathan Ingram is her latest crusade.

Perhaps she is filming another reality show in her mind.

About  6 weeks ago, she started trolling facebook. She started tagging people in posts repeatedly and leaving disparaging comments on Jonathan’s facebook page obsessively.

Interesting behavior from the 2007 Murrieta Woman of the year.

On October 9th, the day after Jeff Benson was arrested for Felony Stalking, Lisa Vinton started her own crusade by publicly endorsing the Murrieta establishment slate of Mayor Alan Long, Rick Gibbs and their recruit Ruthanne Taylor-Berger.

Alan Long proudly shared her endorsement on his facebook page after Vinton announced that she had done “research” on the Murrieta City Council Candidates. The woman of the year endorsed the Mayor who injured 4 children in an aggravated wet and reckless accident.

The Woman of the Year was not done. She sent the following email the morning of 10/14 (excerpted, I have the entire email as proof if needed):

You stated last night at the debate that you are endorsed by All From the Heart. I have contacted them and they have denied any endorsement. Please clarify. 

As I am sure you already know, I am actively involved in this local election. I will be sharing your response with my friends, so I would appreciate it if you could answer as soon as possible. If I don’t get an answer, I will also let others know. I appreciate your timely response.


Lisa Vinton




Ingram called her. She purportedly cussed him out. Ingram called the charity – the executive director did not return any calls despite the fact that Ingram had led an effort to get 33 wheelchairs for their group. In fact, the effort was aided by the Murrieta Temecula Republican Assembly and its’ members.

The following afternoon – an emailed pdf arrived

The PDF appears to be from the charity ALL From the Heart – the text of the letter is vicious and vile. It bears an electronic signature that may or may not be the executive director of All From the Heart. The letter attacks Jonathan who donated real money and time to the charity and alleges in specifics that he did nothing for the charity at all.

Within minutes of this letter arriving, a local media outlet was already calling Jonathan about it. Within an Hour, Lori Stone, Ruthanne Berger-Taylor’s campaign manager had been posting it on facebook as fact. Known associates of Lori Stone clicked like including Kassen Kline and Gene Wunderlich along with Lisa Vinton.

Open up the pdf, right click on it and select properties. Whose name do you see as the creator of the document? Lisa Vinton.

In 17 years of working with charities – I have never seen the executive director of a charity publicly attack a donor.

Lisa Vinton in her rampage pulled a local non-profit in to the middle of a political campaign, emperiling their non-profit status and worse setting a precedent that any donor could get attacked publicly after the fact!

It appears that Vinton and Lori Stone need remedial education in the corporation code. Lori Stone’s corporation was suspended in 2009, and the name is currently owned by local activist Ernie White, yet Stone still uses the name. This is a no-no and there is no legal limit for using a suspended corporation to do business under.

However, I am not hopeful that Lisa Vinton will apply the same zeal toward righting that wrong in society.

Lisa Vinton also emailed the Murrieta Fire Fighter’s Union, who had endorsed Jonathan, in the same threatening and hostile tone. At a time that suits me, I will post the epic beat-down delivered onto Vinton by the head of the Union. However, there is an additional story surrounding that endorsement that will wait to be told after November 4th.

Here is the ending of her email to the FireFighters’ Union:

I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible. This is very concerning to many residents of Murrieta. Mr. Ingram has a pattern of claiming endorsements that he never received – most recently of a non-profit veterans organization that is demanding he publically retract his statement.
Thank you for your prompt response.
Lisa Vinton
I wonder if Vinton would have sent that email knowing that we know she created the letter from All From the Heart? (note, I did not fix her typo in the excerpt)

Lisa Vinton called Congressman Paul Cook and Congressman Duncan Hunter’s offices as well. The stunned staffers from both officers dismissed her demands.

This is happening in a City Council Race, folks! Something is seriously wrong in Murrieta, beyond their choice of Woman of the Year.

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