Nuts and Bolts, folks.

We’ve lit Ex-Congressman Doug Ose up for his extremist left wing social views for a couple months and have woven in his farm welfare, pork barrel spending and his role in shrinking George W. Bush’s Tax Cuts.

No two votes sum of Big Government Doug Ose better. There is a reason why he is Millionaire Liberal Former Congressman Doug Ose beyond his socially progressive or anti-gun views.

In 2004 Congressional Conservatives wanted to end the practice of Baseline Budgeting – this practice causes a ton of waste because agencies are incentivized to waste all their money near the end of the year or see a budget cut because the “baseline” would reset to what was actually spent!

Baseline budgeting is causing a lot of the horrendous deficits that we are currently running as a nation.

H Amdt 622 to HR 46763, Roll Call #316 June 2004 – Pay as you go budgeting, Doug Ose voted no.

This vote came after 5 1/2 years of Ose sponsoring bills to raise taxes, voting against any and all spending cuts and of course his famous vote to sunset and slash the size of G W Bush’s Tax Cuts.

But it gets worse, Conservatives, concerned about inefficiency and waste introduced a bill to create a federal sunset commission to review all Federal Agencies. The idea was to ascertain efficiency, effectiveness, redundancy and need of the massive government.

Ose Voted No. (H Amdt 680 to HR 4663 Roll Call #305, June 2004)

Doug Ose can not even claim the mantle of Fiscal Moderate!

There is a reason for Doug Ose’s abysmal scores from all stretches of the political universe.


And, again – huge majorities of Americans oppose late-term abortions.

Not Ex-Congressman Doug Ose.

Ex-Congressman Doug Ose’s Consistent Pattern of extreme social views is manifest in his work to try and stop, then gut the federal partial birth abortion ban.

Ose supported a Hostile Motion to HR 4965, Roll Call #342, July 2002 – weaken Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

and, has been Ose’s Pattern on so many other issues of conscience, he did it again:

Voted Yes on Hostile Motion to HR 760, Roll Call #241, June 2003 – inserted language to weaken Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

Ose also voted 4 times to repeal the prohibition on abortions at military facilities! (1999,2000,2003 and 2004)

Did Millionaire Liberal Former Congressman Doug Ose think these sorts of votes would curry favor with Democrats?

It is one thing to be a so-called moderate Republican, but these votes and views are on the fringes of society!

I do think there is one person in CA07 that would agree with Doug Ose’s liberal record, that’s Ami Bera.


What would you expect from Doug Ose who voted for pork by the billion?

What would you expect from Doug Ose who took $604k in farm welfare?

What would you expect from Doug Ose who shrunk the GW Bush Tax Cuts?

What would you expect from Doug Ose who voted against every attempt to reform budgeting?

What would you expect from Doug Ose who supported many of the very mandates in Obamacare? (Click here to see Doug Ose Contraception Mandate Info)

Doug Ose has to re-brand himself or he will lose. He knows it, the experts know it. He is also going to have to start lying about Igor Birman and soon. And, I am sure his campaign crew will figure out how to launch base, vile smears along the lines of what he did to Rico Oller, Tom McClintock or Barbara Alby.

Anecdotal reports within the district indicate that Doug Ose’s team are pensive, nervous and are getting chippy with people.

#1 – Doug Ose has to label himself CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN Doug Ose. When a candidate has to do this midway through a campaign, you know that they got polling data showing that they have been defined as a liberal and that being defined as a liberal is killing their electoral chances.

#2 – Doug Ose while claiming the mantle of Conservative talks about the largest entitlement program in history at the time (Medicare Part D) and opposing fixing Social Security – both giveaway positions are engineered to pander to seniors. (The target of this mailer)

#3 Ose makes several claims that have long since been proven to be outright lies based on his record displayed on this blog – including slashing the bush tax cuts, voting to expand government spending by Over a Trillion Dollars, Voting for a dem budget, billions in earmarks, opposing budgeting reform, etc.

Ose writes – Our Message is Simple… Obamacare is a Disaster, Spending is Out of Control and waste is everywhere… in a letter sent to a small universe of voters.

While all three are true – Doug Ose did his part to enable all three problems when he infested office.

In his mailers Doug Ose attempts to claim the mantle – Conservative Republican.

So – lets take a look at the Doug Ose record on several other issues not related to Obamacare or Government Spending:

Doug Ose’s Floor Speech in Support 0f his Bill to Elevate the EPA to a Cabinet Level Department!

The Complete Doug Ose Anti-Gun Record, Complete with Gun Owners of America giving him an F

5 Times Doug Ose attempted to Derail the Unborn Victims of Violence Act – Part of a Lifetime 32% Score from National Right to Life.

Doug Ose’s Horrendous Voting Record on environmental issues that has led to $5+ a Gallon Gas

Doug Ose Supporting Sanctuary Cities, Amnesty, Health Care and Social Security for Illegal Immigrants

Doug Ose Opposed Human Cloning Ban and Co-Authored a Bill to Waste Life and Money on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

and Doug Ose supported Gay Marriage.

When your record reads like the Ami Bera dream act – you have no choice but to lie in your mailers and smear your opponents. It really sucks to be Doug Ose.



Ex-Congressman Doug Ose has a long sordid history of dirty campaigns. I’ve detailed in graphic detail the vicious and untrue smears and attempts to destroy his opponents on a personal level.

On one hand, as a political warrior, I have to commend Doug Ose for his commitment to winning. He will indeed stop at nothing to win a campaign.

In 1998 – the Sacramento Bee took note of it after Ose won the primary. (Of Course, once Ose was the GOP nominee, the Bee turned on him)

June 4, 1998
Section: MAIN NEWS
Page: A15  

By   Stephen Green Bee Capitol Bureau

–Careful readers of slate mailers that flooded Northern California mailboxes just before Tuesday’s election would have noticed something odd on a guide called the “Democratic Voters Choice.” It was under a caption that read “Our Democratic Team” and between pictures of two Democratic Assembly candidates: a photo of a smiling Doug Ose, a Republican contender in the 3rd Congressional District.
Ose, who pulled more votes than the combined total for his three GOP primary rivals, chuckled when asked about the mailer Wednesday.
“I’m a Republican, but I don’t judge people on the basis of whether they are Republicans or Democrats,” Ose said. “The issues in the 3rd district are nonpartisan issues – flood control, education, crime, taxes. . . . I’m trying to be as nonpartisan as possible.”
But Sandie Dunn, Ose’s Democratic opponent in November, called the mailer symptomatic of the “dishonest” campaign Ose ran in the primary.
“I expect he’ll fund the same deceptive and deceitful kind of campaign against me that he did during the primary,” Dunn said. “He talks a lot about accountability . . . but he won’t take responsibility for all the negative campaigning he did in the primary.”
Both Dunn, a Carmichael attorney specializing in water issues, and Ose, a Sacramento developer, are political newcomers. They are vying to replace Rep. Vic Fazio, D-West Sacramento, who is retiring from a district that stretches from the Delta to Red Bluff. Leaders of both parties have said the district is one of their chief national targets in November.
Dunn easily beat three underfunded Democrats Tuesday and won 23 percent of the vote. Dunn said she expects her party to come together and work to win the seat in November. But Republican wounds won’t be easily healed, she said.
Ose loaned his campaign $1 million and took 30 percent of the vote. His chief rival, Assemblywoman Barbara Alby of Folsom, finished second among Republicans with 19 percent. She ended the race accusing Ose of airing attack ads that were “full of lies.”
In third place was Charles Schaupp, a Yolo County farmer, with 8 percent. Schaupp had accused Ose of trying to bribe him through intermediaries to withdraw from the race.
Ose denied both charges.
“I had a message that resonated with voters,” Ose said. “I talked about problem-solving. Getting things done. Being accountable. I’m the kind of person who gets people with differing viewpoints together in the same room to work out solutions.”
Ose said he was phoning Alby and Schaupp supporters Wednesday seeking their backing.
He said he expects to talk about the same issues this summer and fall. He added he won’t finance the general election campaign from his own resources and will be raising funds aggressively. But he couldn’t estimate how much will be needed.
Dunn said she expects to raise more than $1 million for the fall.
As general counsel for the Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District and legal adviser to other water districts, Dunn said she has “hands-on experience that Ose can’t match” finding comprehensive solutions to Northern California’s flood control and water supply problems.”…
The Article continues, but went on to other Congressional races.

Back in 1998, Ose defined himself as a ruthless politician that was willing to stop at nothing to win, including buying democrat slates, viciously smearing Barbara Alby with lie-infested ads and trying to bribe Charlie Schaupp. Why the hell isn’t Ose a California State Senator?  He’d fit right in.


Doug Ose is trying to reinvent himself as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He is lying unless he has publicly stated that he is reversing his previously held positions that have existed for years.

It is more than the abysmal D+ from the NRA or the F from Gun Owners of America.

Doug Ose has some bizarre priorities. They are consistent with the views of Ami Bera – whether it is opposing school choice for poor children, passing out pork or environmental extremism!

Ose’s liberal and out of mainstream priorities were on display in June 1999 when he voted yes on H Amdt 255 to HR 2122, Roll Call #243. This sneaky and dastardly amendment would have prohibited individual gun sales at gun shows and worse would have allowed gun shows to be taxed and regulated by the federal government.

And Doug Ose is campaigning on lower taxes and limited government. Who is he trying to fool?

Doug Ose also voted no on another amendment to HR 2122 in June 1999, (roll call #240) that would have overturned the Washington D.C. Gun Ban.

Doug Ose for Congress while campaigning in public claims that the NRA does not even know why they gave him a lifetime score of D+!

If you remember McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance “Reform” that basically empowered the US Media to have ten times the voice in campaigns and banned “Soft Money” before the Citizens United decision…

… then H Amdt. 420 to HR 2356, Roll Call #24, Feb 2002 – Exemption for 2nd Amendment Issue Ads would be a factor in that scoring. It was a huge factor.

Doug Ose voted to muzzle gun rights groups. He Voted No.

Doug Ose also voted Yes on H. Amdt. 180 to H.R. 1501. Roll Call #211 June, 1999 – the Government “War on Gun Owners” Amendment.

Here at – we are hoping that we are assisting Doug Ose’s Memory. After all, it has been 16 years since he was first elected to congress.

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